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Whatsapp Success Story

MOBISOFT Discover Mobility WHATSAPP SUCCESS STORY WhatsApp Introduction WhatsApp is smartphone Messenger, basically it is introduced for instant messaging subscription service, text messaging and sharing videos, images and audio media messages as well as their location using inte- grated mapping features. Former employees of Yahoo!, Brian Acton and Jan Koum are founders of WhatsApp Inc. which was founded in the year 2009. WhatsApp announced that they had reached their new daily record by processing 27 billion messages per day. As of November 10, 2013, WhatsApp had over 190 million monthly active users, 400 million photos are shared each day, and the messaging system handles more than 10 billion messages each day. In a December 2013 blog post, WhatsApp claimed that 400 million active users use the service each month. Chats Technology acace Group Chec WhatsApp uses a customized version of the open standard Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).Upon installation, it creates a user account using one's phone number as the username Jack Whitman W er neck out this aone malan od nalas car Wheman family chat e23 PI Ls go ik and smoke aasr. Alice Whitman WhatsApp software automatically compares all the phone numbers from the device's address book with its central database of WhatsApp users to automatically add contacts to the user's WhatsApp contact list. Francis Whitman 536 PM WhatsApp Story Welcome to WhatsAppl latform mobile messaging with Hends all over the world WhatsApp 2.0 On August 27,2009 WhatsApp 2.0 version was uploaded into the App Store and on September 12, 2009 WhatsApp 2.0 was approved by Apple. WhatsApp 2.3 WhatsApp 2.3 version was launched December 12, 2009. Media Transfer iPhone (2G, 3G, or 3GS) with any OS can share audio and pictures. Both parties need to be running version 2.3 in order to send and receive media messages. Message Delivery Receipts In 2.3 version you might have noticed a red letter attached to every message you had sent. Those red letters are actually quite important because they tell you if your message was delivered properly or not. iast seen luc Call 16 December 2009 Where each letter means: U (Unknown): message was sent to a chat partner who is currently online and is running an older version of the app for an iPhone (or a BlackBerry beta version) 9:52 D Hey Dan how Good mate, what you up to? Doing a review of W 10:07 s Smile! You're on a S (Sent): message has successfully arrived at the Server (and push notification alert was generated for offline iPhone users) D (Dellvered): message was successfully delivered to the Device of the chat partner. Max O1:26 PM Hey Max all ok for tonight? Yep looking forward to it! l WhatsApp 2.4 was introduced on December 15, 2009 Later Smileys Open Send 13:36 Update Whats App Messenger Whats App Inc. Version 2.5 23.01.10 WhatsApp 2.5.12 FREE WhatsApp 2.5.12 was introduced on November 12, 2010. * share location (can be used only when other party is running WhatsApp v2.5) ii) Message history search share contact (can be used only when other party s running WhatsApp v2.5) ii) Copy image from clipboard iii) Video editing minimum phone number length requiremen ndorra and Falklands) t input box WhatsApp WhatsApp 2.6 WhatsApp 2.6 was launched on February 22, 2011 Version 2.6,77 (25894) Help / FAQ Group chat System status currently group chat is limited to 5 people Network usage you can exit a group chat that you are in at any time Account info you can control group chat alerts and notifications separately from Email chat history Huang Nokia Chat Darshan Rao Yahool Messenger Public beta for Nokia: July 12, 2011 Jane Emmanuel Nokia Chat public beta release of WhatsApp Messenger for the Nokia S40 platform. only supporting Nokia C3-00 and Nokia X2-01 phones at the moment. Kevin Williams San Francisco, CA cewmin Where are we going to meet WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone: September 25, 2011 rty ui WhatsApp Messenger for Windows Phone is available to those running version 7.5 (Mango) release on their device share contact Tafo Alice, Francis, Ja 0:09 WhatsApp 2.10.1 Francis Whitman Anyone who wants to tag alon is more than welcome 8 11:39 WhatsApp 2.10.1 released on July 17, 2013 A) added an option to backup your message history to iCloud introduced developer hooks into WhatsApp. Learn more at Wolodarsky B) Introducing Voice Messages on WhatsApp 2.10.1 August 07, 2013. 0:15 11:4 uafone IT On February 19, 2014 faceboook de- clared that whatsapp has sold for US $19 billion. Cash 4 billion, $12 billion Facebook shares and $3 billion to founders of whatsapp. WhatsApp Facebook

Whatsapp Success Story

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Recently WhatsApp has signed deal with Facebook, it is a popular product now adays on smart phone. Here you will find detail information about the complete lifecycle of watsapp.


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