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What's That (Tech) You're Wearing?

What's that (tech) you're wearing? FJORD TM Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive Head Run-n-Read Smart Cycling Helmet 4 2 Google Glass CHECKLIGHT LG HRM Earphone Melon Upper Body Google Throat “Tattoo" AiQ Smart Clothing 11 "Smart" Bra Hexoskin 12 OMsignal T-Shirt 10 Lumo Lift T.Jacket 13 Wrist Tinké 17 14 Jawbone UP 15 June Wristband Nike+ FuelBand 18 16 Wristify adidas miCoach Smart Run 19 Samsung Galaxy Gear 20 Pebble 21 Anywhere 22 Notch Misfit Shine 24 Fitbug Orb 25 23 MC10 Feet 26 Moticon 27 Sensoria Smart Socks Our body becomes both the controller and the interface. 30% 26% 22% 15% 7% WRIST UPPER BODY HEAD ANYWHERE FEET Head 1 Run-n-Read 3 LG HRM Earphones 5 CHECKLIGHT CHECKLIGHT can detect serious Run-n-Read clips to your headband or the fabric on your shoulder and can sync the text you're reading with the movements you make whilst running, making it easier to read when running. LG Heart Rate Monitor Earphones allow you to listen to music while it monitors your heartbeat in real- time and tracks your fitness. head injuries acquired through sporting activities. piece of technology, injuries could be diagnosed as minor and could manifest as serious health problems later down the line. Without this 2 Google Glass 4 Smart Cycling Helmet 6 Melon Google Glass is a wearable that is controlled through the user's eye and voice. New health apps are Melon is a brain activity measurement LifeBEAM Smart Cycling Helmet can read its wearer's pulse and send the data to a smartphone app so the data can be viewed immediately. tool which can help users understand and improve focus in their daily lives or sports activities. being developed, among them is a running app that allows the user to race themselves, by recording their previous runs. Upper Body 7 Google Throat "Tattoo" 9 OMsignal T-Shirt 11 AiQ Smart Clothing Google Throat "Tattoo" is alternative to wearing an earpiece. With sensors woven into the garment, it AiQ Smart Clothing textiles can monitor your vital signs, skin moisture, etc. through stainless steel yarn threads woven into the an It can connect to a smartphone and can replace an otherwise uncomfortable or badly fitting delivers complete biometrics to mobile devices and improves health and fitness performance. The OMsignal shirt measures heart rate, calorie burn, garments. and earpiece during activity. exercise physical stress as well as breathing rate and volume. 8 "Smart" Bra 10 Lumo Lift 12 Hexoskin Acting as your personal posture trainer, the Lumo Lift will alert you The Microsoft Hexoskin is a wearable body metric that tracks your activity and, uniquely, your breathing volume. Smart Bra measures breast perspiration and heart rate in order to detect emotional triggers for overeating. It provides a system that can intervene before the person turns via vibration when you slump. It connects to an app that allows you to monitor and collect your data. to food. 13 T.Jacket Utilizes deep pressure, which provides comfort in situations of stress, anxiety or insecurity. Its unique design allows you to use it discreetly in public and allows you to track and monitor your progress. Wrist 14 Jawbone UP Tinké 20 Samsung Galaxy Gear The Jawbone UP can track food consumption, sleep and physical activity and connects to an app where the data is brought to life. Tinké lets you monitor your fitness and wellness at anytime, anywhere with the touch of a finger, measuring The Samsung Galaxy Gear enables you to use your smartphone on the go. The watch comes with pre-loaded health tracking apps, which can track your steps, heart your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate and heart rate variability. rate and calories burned. 15 JUNE Wristband 18 Nike+ FuelBand 21 Pebble The JUNE Wristband is a jewelry- like wearable that provides real-time, Nike+ FuelBand tracks and monitors activity data and lets you set goals for the day. As you progress to Receive notifications, monitor activity and get news normally delivered to your smartphone, on your wrist. The sun protection advice. achieving your daily goal, lights Pebble smartwatch comes with built- become illuminated on the band. in apps that support golfing and distance based sports, such as running and swimming. 16 Wristify 19 adidas miCoach Smart Run Wristify, currently in development, is a device that lets you tailor thermal profiles for an optimized thermal stimulation to the wrist, The adidas miCoach Smart Run is a smartwatch specifically designed for runners. Completely wireless, it tracks your route, time and heartbeat. ultimately regulating the temperature of the person wearing it. Anywhere & Feet 22 Notch 24 Misfit Shine 26 Moticon Misfit Shine is a small activity tracker that can be worn on clothes, in pockets, as a necklace or wristband. It measures your daily movements and collects data Notch is a movement tracker that The Moticon can measure motion can be worn in your pocket and connects to a smartphone app parameters for patients or athletes via sensors in the sole of the shoe. where the user can view the data collected. which is communicated to a smart- phone app. 23 MC10 25 Fitbug Orb 27 Sensoria Smart Socks The MC10 provides personalized health data, it is lightweight and has been developed to become Sensoria Smart Socks track your The Fitbug Orb is a movement and sleep tracker that collates steps, hours slept and calories burned. It can be worn anywhere on the body, including the wrist. running technique through sensors around your ankle and gives insights into injuries and suggestions to improve your running technique. a 'second skin' that can also be used to track infants' health. Functionality & Analysis 70% 23% 7% HEALTH & COMMUNICATION SLEEP FITNESS ... Using the Wearable 56% 26% 18% DEPENDENT STAND ALONE IN-BETWEEN A device is needed to No other device is needed to read display or function. Can be used without a make sense of the data or device for some features. control the function. @Fjord FJORD Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive

What's That (Tech) You're Wearing?

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The infographic compiled by Service Design Consultancy Fjord, Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive, looks at more than 25 devices currently on the market or in development to find out thei...






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