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What's Eating Up Your Data Plan?

dimension "data I xigo WHAT'S EATING UP YOUR DATA PLAN? % of users that have used a smartphone % of time spent on apps instead of the web Smartphones As mobility grows, data plans are shrinking. 38% 50.4% Providers went from unlimited 2011 2012 30% data plans to tiered plans. 73% 81% of smartphone users accessed social networks via mobile browsers Enferprise tablet adoption will grow by almost 32 41 50% APPS APPS per year - Average # of apps per user/device Tablets 21% 38% LWorkers requested a tablet - Senior executives that have been issued a tablet TABLETS USED IN THE ENTERPRISE are mostly used for WEB BROWSING WORKING REMOTELY 73% 69% EMAIL 67% BUT WHAT EXACTLY IS A GIGABYTE? -> -> -> 1 GIGABYTE 1024 MEGABYTES 1024 KILOBYTES 1024 BYTES AVERAGE MOVIE DOWNLOAD HIGH-DEFINITION MOVIE DOWNLOAD 2GB HD 4.8GB 1GB = 5,700 page views 1GB = 3050 photos uploaded to Facebook %3D Over 1/3 of Facebook's 600 million users use Facebook Mobile 1GB = 13.5 albums of music 1GB = 29,000 emails 1GB = 150 apps downloaded 1GB = 28.5 hours 1GB = 1-10 hours of video streamed dependant on quality streaming Pandora 10 hours 15 minutes 4 hours 15 minutes 1 hour 25 minutes approx. 35.84MB per hour Low 240p Medium 480p High 1080p DATA OVERAGE RATES Advertised Plans Rates August 2012 at&t T- Mobile verizon $14.99/250MB $20/300MB $10/1GB $10/1GB $0.10/1MB MOBILE PHONE USERS IN THE US 60.3% 40.8% 35.3% 31.4% 29.5% 23.8% accessed took photos used email social networking played games accessed search listened to music HOW TO AVOID DATA OVERAGES 1. Take advantage of WiFi & demand employees do as well 2. Turn off roaming and push data services 3. Stop automatic updating of apps 4. Review mobile bills and recognize trends 5. Rent local country phones when traveling 6. Create a non-work usage policy 7. Educate employees on plan limits HOT Wi Fi SPOT Know Your Expenses and Stop Overages Analyze Your Mobile Bill with Xigo Now DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING.COM

What's Eating Up Your Data Plan?

shared by NowSourcing on Aug 08
As mobility grows, data plans are shrinking. Providers went from unlimited data plans to tiered plans.





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