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What Your Phone Says About You

COMO“ WHAT YOUR PHONE SAYS ABOUT YOU We speak through our phones. But our phones also speak through us. Our choice of phone says more about us than we may realize. Just for fun, we matched up some popular phones with their corresponding personas. Which smartphone personality are you? Note: No phones were harmed during this strictly non-scientific experiment! THE SUPERHERO THE DESIGNER Samsung Galaxy S5 iPhone 5S SAMSUNG Color quide In a galaxy far, far away, a Super-phone was born. Its ultra-power Super-battery keeps you safely away from the wall chargers of the world, and there's guaranteed to be an app or a setting to save you in any situation. Many smartphone models rise and fall with the years, but Samsung-like the galaxy itself-is here to stay. You live by the philosophy that form meets function, and you seek beautiful engineering in every aspect of life. So naturally, your phone is just flat-out lovely, both to look at and to hold. Only top-tier style and grace are acceptable in the smartphone universe. THE STUDENT THE PHOTOGRAPHER Nexus 5 LG G3 LG As a millennial, you've got high expectations from your digital devices, and you don't need an ad to tell you which phone to get. But your college loans mean you're also on a budget. Your phone comes with the perfect combination of strong performance, high-end specs, and an ultra- affordable price. Move over Annie Leibovitz! You turn everyday moments into art with your ultra-slim phone in hand and laser autofocus sensor. You're not fazed by having your control buttons in a different place, either. What better way to live on the edge than with a phone without edges? THE SHOPAHOLIC THE '90s RETRO GEEK Amazon Fire Nokia Lumia 1520 NOKIA 90s You buy everything online-yes, EVERYTHING. From shoes to dog food, your Amazon cart is always full. You love that this phone turns the world around you into a shopping mall, and with just a click you can buy anything you come across. With free shipping of course! You know that fashion is cyclical, and believe with all your heart that Microsoft is onto something big with this phone. It's simply beautiful, just like our nostalgic memories from the "90s. And who needs widgets when you can have the structured aesthetics of live tiles? Como © 2014. All rights reserved. |

What Your Phone Says About You

shared by ComoMobile on Aug 05
With Amazon now in the phone business, it’s going to be even more confusing to figure out which smartphone is right for you. There seems to be a mobile device to match every type of personality ther...


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