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What WAN When?

WHAT WAN WHEN? With so many options to choose from, selecting the right service for your Wide Area Network (WAN) can be daunting. Integra makes it easy, with four simple questions designed to get you connected to the right solution for your WAN. START Would you prefer to control the design, equipment and protocols of your infrastructure? CUSTOMER MANAGED DARK FIBER No, we'd prefer to work with a partner we can trust to keep our network - and business - up and running. Yes, all we need is the reliable fiber pipe and we'll take care of the rest. Choose Dark Fiber for the ultimate in ownership, control, and scalability when you build your private network over leased optical fibers. -OR- Choose a service that offers network maintenance and/or management, and relax knowing you're in good hands. WAVELENGTH SERVICES Choose Wavelength Services and satiate Do you need the privacy and capacity of a dedicated physical network? for big your appetite bandwidth that belongs to you and only you. Connect locations with high-performance service supporting multiple protocols, applications and data types. No, I'm more concerned with finding an affordable solution that gives us the flexibility we need to easily support many offices and applications with varied requirements. Yes, security and uninterrupted, low-latency, transparent connectivity are critical to our business needs. -OR- PRIVATE LINES Choose Private Lines for a dedicated point-to-point connection that's all yours. Benefit from a simple solution with complete privacy and affordable, scalable bandwidth. Choose a service that offers private and secure data networking with provider visibility into traffic flow. Get flexible bandwidth, access options and scalability with managed services. Is your organization centralized, with headquarters as the hub? E-LINE No, we have more dynamic networking needs, which require us to connect our locations quickly and seamlessly. Yes, headquarters sits at the center of our network, managing communications. Choose E-Line Ethernet Services for centralized, hub-like -OR- connectivity between and HQ and remote offices. bandwidth by Customize connection, scale as needed, and count on reliable, transparent service with a range of access types. Choose a data networking solution that allows for multi-point to multi-point connectivity between offices with a high-degree of flexibility. E-LAN Do you have the skills and expertise in house to manage your own routing? Choose E-LAN Ethernet Services and enjoy unlimited control over network routing and data prioritization. Get cost-effective, scalable mesh connectivity, with reliable ÓoS. No, we'd prefer to leverage the skills of a networking partner to ensure uninterrupted with Yes, we have a full, competent IT team, ready and able to handle Layer 2 switching between locations. -OR- --> connectivity minimum resource requirements. IP/MPLS VPN Choose IP/MPLS VPN for a managed offering that converges multiple services onto a single, secure connection between many offices, enabling prioritization of voice, video and data for efficient Layer 3 routing. INTEGRA MANAGED 013 negra, In Ak g metved Connect to the right WAN with Integra Integra Technology you trust. People you know. SHARE in

What WAN When?

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Integra makes it easy, with four simple questions designed to get you connected to the right solution for your WAN



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