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What Today's Admins Should Know About Virtualization

WHAT TODAY'S IT ADMINS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT VIRTUALIZATION MANAGEMENT Making Better TIP Virtualization Choices: 63% #1 EXPAND YOUR VIEW Understand the dynamic (and dependent) relationships between configuration, capacity, OF IT PROFESSIONALS TODAY ARE performance and RESPONSIBLE FOR MANAGING VIRTUALIZATION applications. Making Better TIP #2 Virtualization Choices: HOW FAST ARE LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH NEW PROBLEMS VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS GROWING? It is inevitable that virtualization will add new 80% concepts to learn, which can affect your updated environment in different *** | ways, so be prepared. NEARLY 80% OF VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS ARE GROWING AT A RATE OF 10-50 VMS PER YEAR 151-300 VMS/YEAR 51-150 VMS/YEAR 10-50 VMS/YEAR Making Better VIRTUALIZATION TIP Virtualization Choices: TOP CHALLENGES #3 GET EDUCATED AND BECOME CERTIFIED In 2011, becoming educated is easy and there are many 57.7% 58.5% 49.6% ways out there to do so, such as books, blogs, 10010 webinars, videos, etc. 10100 01100 PERFORMANCE STORAGE I/O ISSUES SPRAWL CAPACITY CHARGEBACK PRIVATE CLOUD PLANNING BOTTLENECKS DEPLOYMENT VIRTUALIZATION CAN CREATE A LOT OF CHALLENGES THAT NEED TO BE MANAGED. RESPONDENTS CITED PERFORMANCE BOTTLENECKS, CAPACITY PLANNING AND STORAGE I/O ISSUES AMONG THE TOP CHALLENGES. PUBLIC, PRIVATE OR HYBRID CLOUD? 39% PRIVATE 3.3% PUBLIC 15.4% HYBRID WHEN LOOKING AT PRIVATE VS. PUBLIC CLOUDS: 39% OF IT PROFESSIONALS HAVE ADOPTED A PRIVATE CLOUD, WHILE 15.4% USE A MIXTURE OF THE TWO. ONLY 3.3% ARE DEPLOYING A PUBLIC CLOUD WHILE 42.3% USE NEITHER. Making Better TIP Virtualization Choices: WHAT PERCENTAGE FIND NEW MANAGEMENT TOOLS OF ENVIRONMENTSARE VIRTUALIZED? Newer, updated tools will understand both the virtualization layer and the quest OS layer to provide you with all the right information you need to effectively manage 25.9% 21.1% 17.7% 15.6% 12.2% 7.5% both your host and virtual 0-10% 11-30% 31-50% 51-70% 71-90% 91-100% machines. 50% OF IT PROFESSIONALS POLLED SAID THEY HAVE VIRTUALIZED AT LEAST 1/3 OF THEIR ENVIRONMENT Making Better Virtualization Choices: TIP #5 EXPERIMENT WITH THE CLOUD Walk before you run. Start slow, be methodical and educate yourself on the new concepts, new technologies and new management systems that are available. Definitions PUBLIC CLOUDS - Computing resources shared among multiple PRIVATE CLOUDS - Shared among multiple departments, customers. This type of cloud typically involves a relatively modest typically internal to a company. However, the initial investment initial investment and has an easier learning curve. Many startups, for is much heavier, and the learning curve is harder. This approach example, opt into the public cloud due to its simplicity - it requires is favored by companies wanting a more secure option. fewer physical devices to be purchased. HYBRID CLOUDS - Combination of both public and private. *The findings are supported by a SolarWinds-sponsored ( survey sent to nearly 1000 IT professionals, resulting in 120 completed surveys

What Today's Admins Should Know About Virtualization

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Virtualization can create a lot of challenges that need to be managed. Respondents cited performance bottlenecks, capacity planning and storage I/O issues among the top challenges.


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