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What is Mobile Shelving?

ALL ABOARD Jump on the Mobile Shelving Bandwagon WHAT IS MOBILE SHELVING? Shelving can often be a problem in the office, especially if there is not enough space for all your important archives and documents. Businesses are constantly looking for solutions to their shelving problems, and one of these may come in the form of mobile shelving. Generally, mobile shelving units provide nearly a 50% reduction of the overall floor space. Moreover, these storage units can also increase the storage space by about 50% to 100% compared to the conventional filing cabinets. So, if you are looking to maximise your available storage space, mobile shelving units are the best choice. HOW DOES MOBILE SHELVING WORK? Mobile shelving consists of a number of rows of shelves that When you want to get access to the other rows, you can simply slide the units along on the rail to open up the aisle you require. HI move along the ground on rails. The rows remain closed together apart from a single aisle between two of the rows. With standard shelving, you require a space between each of the rows of shelves to access the archives, but with mobile shelving, this space is not required. Each row usually has a simple turning mechanism to move the rows along without requiring much effort so that To access a specific aisle (which are all clearly marked), all you need to do is turn a handle and this will let you move up to six-eight aisles at a time. anyone can use it. Mobile shelving is a simple yet innovative solution that helps save a considerable amount of space. These shelves can be either used to double your storage capacity or reduce your storage footprint by half, over traditional shelving. WHAT'S WRONG WITH STATIC STORAGE ANYWAY? You are probably using a lot more space than necessary. Take a close look at the additional space being used because of the aisles between each row of metal shelving. What is wrong with the shelves you are already using, you ask? Since there is not someone in every aisle all the time, don't you think that space could be better suited for other, more It also takes a considerable amount of time to navigate through a network of shelving units to find what you need. This leads to a wastage of time, energy important tasks? Not all of the aisles are needed, which means you are wasting valuable space, lighting and HVAC. and resources that could otherwise be used in tasks that are more important. BENEFITS OF MOBILE SHELVING YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO IGNORE Get more out of your current office space by gaining 100% greater storage capacity or by reducing your storage footprint by 50%. Mobile shelving has the potential to increase your storage cap up to 300% compared to lateral filling cabinets. High-density mobile shelving allows for compact storage by reducing the necessary amount of space. This way, you optimize volume, gain a lot of space, and can install more shelves. And, since the shelves are mobile, you can more easily arrange them. By moving them according to your needs, you eliminate fixed aisles and double your warehouse capacity. You, and those you share your storage space with, will be able to find stored materials quickly, freeing up time for more important daily tasks. Going back to customization, increased density of stored materials allows mobile shelves to be brought closer to your point of need. This gives you easier access to what you need most, and helps improve efficiency. ilil With the different colours available, mobile shelving can be colour coded to match and blend in with office decor and company corporate colours. When comparing a traditional filing cabinet system with a mobile storage system, mobile shelving can provide you more storage in the same space at a similar cost, or provide you with similar storage at a much lower cost while increasing your amount of free floor space. Thanks to mobile storage systems, handlers travel less distance in To access the desired shelf, corporate and commercial buildings. Therefore, they spend less "wasted" time getting around employees simply operate a crank to move the shelves. Therefore, your staff no longer needs to cross the 民 entire warehouse to reach this or and can devote more time to tasks that row: the shelf comes to them. that deserve a higher priority. Moreover, as high-density mobile shelving is not fixed, it offers true flexibility. You can (re)adjust your shelves according to your needs. This storage solution is perfectly modular and customizable because it adapts to the characteristics of the goods (size, weight, fragility, etc.). --I-1-|-N- Additionally, when you need to grow, your storage space is scalable to best suit your circumstances. For effective optimization, consider planning your expansion in the medium and long term. COMMON APPLICATIONS OF MOBILE SHELVING Heavy Duty Mobile Shelving If you have a significant quantity of items to store, including bulk storage of stock or archives, our heavy duty mobile shelving systems are able to handle all your storage requirements with ease. These systems enable you to maximise the storage efficiency of even the biggest areas and offer an incredible amount of storage space. Office Mobile Shelving Units Mobileshelving's storage solutions are perfect for small or large offices as they are quick to install and simple to maintain and operate. Garment Mobile Shelving Back of store economy mobile garment shelving is ideal in saving valuable space in a retail stockroom environment. mobileshelving

What is Mobile Shelving?

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