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What Kind of Impact Does the Cloud and Mobile Have on Your Life

WHAT KIND OF IMPACT DOES THE CLOUD AND MOBILE HAVE ON YOUR LIFE? The amount of time you spend on your smart phone 14 11 13 23 21 Weather Purchase Research E-mail Social Media Texting Instant Messaging = 95 minutes per day Without cloud computing, you lose 240 productive hours per year Productivity loss would cost someone $6,800 per year. You could spend those 240 hours on a 6-week vacation. Productivity gains come from parallel processing... Phones can only render videos The cloud process can render multiple one frame at a time. frames simultaneously. and big data, which speed up computation! Siri, how do I get home? Your phone calculates 400+ routes, slowing down Your phone asks the cloud 1 time to get the best the process of giving you directions. directions in a matter of seconds. Mobile and cloud computing enable most apps to function kindle Use these applications without the cloud. But say goodbye to these. While decreasing your need to carry physical storage devices 3.25 wD terabytes 2 Hard drives, 3 Passports and 5 USB drives. Part of a server rack. Cloud and mobile security keep your files safe and accessible Recent Files 5thBirthday.png 21 KB Fires? Flood? MEmail PCapy Link M IMG_1092014.jpg 18 MO MEmail PCopy Link Everything is safe in the cloud. A presentation.doc 35 KB MEmail Copy Link 20 e flight_itinerary.pdf 47 KB MEmail PCopy Link * flight_itinerar.pdf 47 K MEmail PCopy Link Sd With cloud and mobile together, you can access information more quickly than before. The new challenge is keeping it organized! SOURCES Mobile without Cloud Mobile & Cloud PagelD=34607026resld=2636090Sref=QuickSearch&sthkw=cloud+mobile+statistics#f-N66339 Infographic published by Kloudless. Learn more at

What Kind of Impact Does the Cloud and Mobile Have on Your Life

shared by kloudless on Feb 11
What if cloud and mobile technologies didn’t exist? Both cloud and mobile technologies are critical to our lives, enabling us to be more productive with the time we have. Cloud and mobile techno...




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