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What Information Are Giant Tech Companies Collecting From You?

What Information Are Giant Tech Companies Collecting From You? ... Google Apple) Microsoft amazon facebook twitter Linked in reddit Uber lyA TikTok INFORMATION THEY KNOW with permission O if imported if provided ABOUT YOU a f. Name in Uber Birthday/Age f in Uber derived from name in Apple ID and salutation in ilunes account inferred by name and pronoun used you add your preferred pronoun Gender in Phone Number a f in including your work emai if you use their customer/ partner services Uber including that of friends and other people Email Address in Uber Physical Address f Uber must opt in for GPS Location a f in Uber Time Zone a Language in Uber lyR including résumé and salary if filled out using their services Work Experience f in Income Level a in Education a in Relationship Status • a Political Views in Race/Ethnicity in Religious Views in if driver if driver Background Check/, Criminal Record Uber deleted after 30 days used to verify account, deleted within 14 days for drivers or if requesting alcohol through ÜberEats Government IDs (such as Social Security and driver's license if driver a in Uber numbers) Pаyment Information f registered for a premium service in a Uber including credit history information a if registered for a premium service Uber Visa card Credit Card Information in (Uber if purchased through | their products if purchased through their products if purchased through their products Purchase History/Activity if you share content with or invite them only those isted in your addresses your information is alo collected when others import their contacts. if selected to split fares with Contacts and Their Information in Uber Events on Facebook Calendar Events 31 Interests Likes and/or Follows in Social Networks and Contacts Uber Devices Used a in Uber in Mobile Carrier Uber Browser Information f in Uber a Browsing History Search History a in Websites Visited • in Uber Interaction of Apps, Browsers, and Devices With Their Services a in Uber Internet Service Provider in saves only the IP Address used to create account after 100 days and proxy server IP Addresses a in Uber Operating System in Uber Ads Clicked/Viewed/ Interacted With G a in Uber from Microsoft store Apps You've Installed/Used only theirs in Uber Content You View in or Engage With Information About the Things Near Your Device (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Etc.) WiFi data if driver Mobile Sensor Data Uber if "People" is enabled on photo settings Facial Recognition. Data to verify identity of drivers and delivery partners Uber f page interaction information Keystroke Patterns/, Mouse Movements f a Dates and Times of Use G a in Uber Usage Data a f in Uber lyR f appying fr employment and handwiting patterns Voice Data between rider and driver between rider and driver Phone Calls Uber only to them a only to them Emails Written and Received Documents and Spreadsheets You • Create between rider and driver between rider and driver Chat Conversations/ GO in Uber Messages if collected/stored using their services; includes profile photo profile picture and photos submitted to customer service profile picture Photo Uploads a in Uber Video Uploads f Videos Watched in Video Comments • Music music Books kindle Games games Gaming Interactive Data twitch ICEn Sources: htps:// amazoncampaigns/ TruePeopleSearch htp://łtwitter/ siteassets/privacypagegdp/pdfs//witterPrivacyPolicy-EN,pd in

What Information Are Giant Tech Companies Collecting From You?

shared by SylviaP on Jul 08
From personal information to facial recognition data, what are some of the largest tech companies collecting on you?


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