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What If We 3D Printed It Life-size?

What if you 3D printed it. LIFE-SIZE? Could we recreate the world using a single 3D printer? To find out we did some sums and totted up the time and cost of 3D printing some of the world's most famous landmarks life-size, as well as some other structures you might just recognise. Here's how we calculated them: Number of 3D Printers :1 Average Price of 3D Printing : £0.03 per cm? Average 3D Print Speed : 5cm per hour Big Ben Size:4,650 m? 3D Printing Cost : £13,950 3D Build Time :11 Years Big Ben would cost £29 Million to fully refurbish so it might be a fraction of the cost to print in 3D but it might need a little reinforcement if it's going to hold the 13.5 tonne bell inside! Eiffel Tower Size:930 m? 3D Printing Cost : £2,790 3D Build Time : 2.1 Years The Eiffel Tower cost £898,693 to build in 1887 and took 2.2 years. It's both cheaper and quicker to re-build the Eiffel Tower using a 3D printer. The Great Pyramid of Giza Size:2,583,283 m2 3D Printing Cost : £7.7 Million 3D Build Time : 5,897 Years The Great Pyramid of Giza is 4,575 years old. It would take longer to print out than it's actual age. Pharaoh would not be happy! Hogwarts Size: 4,140,000 m? 3D Printing Cost : £12.4 Million 3D Build Time : 8,697 Years A few spells and enchantments on the 3D printer may be necessary to speed up the completion date on this colossal structure! Starship Enterprise Size:5,800,000 m3 3D Printing Cost : £17.4 Million 3D Build Time :10,421 Years The Starship Enterprise took 13 years to build in 2351. Even if we started printing now we'd overshoot this target by over 10 thousand years! The Death Star Size:17.6 Quadrillion m? 3D Printing Cost : £51.5 Billion 3D Build Time : 34,045 Years The original Death Star took 18 years to build. Would you like to be the one who told the Emperor that your's will take 34 thousand years? What would you print in 3D? Sources or Call: 0845 365 3605 toner giant Copyright © 2016 TonerGiant

What If We 3D Printed It Life-size?

shared by scott7 on Apr 28
Much is known about the capabilities of 3D printing. From living body parts to high end dining, researchers have developed ways to print a mindboggling array of objects in the third dimension. But jus...


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