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What if Fukushima had Leaked Solar Panels?

WHAT IF FUKUSHIMA HAD LEAKED SOLAR PANELS? Since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami knocked out the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant's cooling systems, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has been struggling to stop radiation leaks and stabilize crippled reactors. Imagining solar panels leaking from Fukushima and slowly spreading across the Pacific paints a much brighter picture than traveling radiation. But because a panels-to-radiation comparison could get a bit tricky, we explore what it might have looked like if the resources now being dedicated to nuclear disaster recovery might have instead been invested in solar power. THE COSTS OF THE CRISIS The full scope of the crisis at Fukushima has yet to be realized, but one thing's for sure: It's costing TEPCO a fortune. The following breaks down what analysts are projecting. $10 billion to clean up leaked radiation Electricity rates in Japan are among the world's highest. IF JAPAN HAD CHOSEN SOLAR meaning households would save even more than their American counterparts. If that $152 billion had not been spent on containing the country's worst-ever nuclear crisis, but instead was invested in solar systems for Japanese homes... That could power the E5 Series Shinkansen bullet train for 953 years. That's 15% of the entire country! 1 house=1,000,000 households It would have paid for solar panels for 2964 1 money bundie=$1,000,000,000 ..which would generate 41.6 billion kwH for the country every year.. Sources: Bloomberg, Reuters, Department of Energy, Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, CIA World Factbook,, Green,,, Doc's Green Blog group discounts on solar $12 billion to decommission the plant's six reactors over 30 years 130 billion: civil damages f the crisis continues for 2 years $152 billion total to manage the crisis 7,600,000 Japanese households... d would save $8.6 billion on electricity costs every year.

What if Fukushima had Leaked Solar Panels?

shared by charles on May 02
What if all the resources now being used to combat the Fukushima power plant problems were instead being used to install solar panels? Find out how much good for the Earth could have been done with t...




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