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What if Downton Abbey Had SmartThings?

What If DOWNTON ABBEY Had SmartThings 40 35 staff members 200 to manage fireplaces to light rooms to clean 30 50 house guests at a time 10 beds to make finicky nobles to serve IN THE EARLY 19008 Carson, the butler, and his staff of cooks, maids, and footmen had their hands full. What if the inhabitants of Downton had SmartThings and a few other 21st-century devices to make life easier? DOWNTON ABBEY AS A Smart Home SMARTPHONES AND WIFI FOR EVERYONE Tea Service Requested in the Library .... ... Everyone at Downton carries a smartphone with the SmartThings app so they can communicate with the house, the objects in the house, and each other. A HUB IN THE SERVANTS' HALL The SmartThings Hub is the brain that brings Downton to life, transmitting information between the family and staff's smartphones and the many connected items in the house. SmartThings A BETTER BELL SYSTEM Instead of ringing a bell, Lady Mary simply shakes a sensor to summon a servant to her chamber via text notification. SMARTER LIGHTING Lights & Switches Carson, the butler, uses his smartphone to turn lights Dining Room Lights Are Switched Of. on and off from anywhere in the house. VISITOR NOTIFICATIONS A sensor on the front door detects vibrations from knocking visitors. This triggers light bulbs in the servants hall to change color, alerting Carson, the butler, to greet guests. The front door is protected SECURING THE HOUSE by smart locks that Carson, the butler, and Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper, lock and unlock from their phones. Front Door The Front Door is Locked. A sensor sends an alert to PROTECTING VALUABLES Carson, the butler's, smartphone if doors to the wine cellar or the butler's pantry are left ajar by inexperienced servants. PREVENTING LEAKS Housemaids receive notifications if the new-fangled icebox in the kitchen scullery starts leaking. KEEPING TRACK OF ROAMING RESIDENTS Lord Grantham's dog, Isis, wears a sensor around her collar. If Isis wanders too far from the house, Grantham receives a text notification. And if young Lady Rose doesn't mind her curfew, she'll have to wear a sensor in her headband, too. GOOD NIGHT! WHEN MOTION is no longer detected in the main entertaining rooms or bedrooms after midnight, Carson, the butler, taps a button in the SmartThings app which triggers all the doors to lock and the lights to dim. DOORS LOCKED Isis Present Lights Switched Off Night Mode On Doors Locked Music Turned Down Temperature Adjusted O SmartThings SmartThings is the easiest way to turn your home INFOGRAPHIC into a smart home. Once you have a SmartThings PROVIDED BY Hub and free app, you can add hundreds of compatible smart devices from a variety of manufacturers to create a fully connected home. Learn more at Resources: makeover/# servants-worked-14-hour-days-maids-confined-virgin-quarters.html,000%20square %20feet 1870 Lafite ....

What if Downton Abbey Had SmartThings?

shared by BrittSE on Feb 24
Imagine if Downton Abbey was a smart home? What would life at Downton be like with SmartThings?


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