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What is Hummingbird and how do I know if it’s affecting my site’s ranking?

Hummingbird Google's Major Search Algorithm Update WHAT IS A search algorithm?" A search algorithm is a formula for finding an item with specified properties among a collection of items. What is Hummingbird? It is the name of the new user-orientated search algorithm, designed to better understand visitor searches and optimize their experience. When's the last time Google replaced its algorithm this way? Hummingbird is the biggest change in Search since Caffeine. Back in the 2010, the Caffeine update was considered as a huge innovation. But it was a change mostly meant to help Google better gather information rather than sorting through the information. 2010 Why is it called Hummingbird? Google's official announcement stated that the name came from being "precise and fast". 2013 When did Hummingbird start? Google officially announced the update on 26th September, during the celebrations of their birthday. It is believed however, that the algorithm was released more than a month before that. 15 YEARS What type of "new" search activity does Hummingbird help? Better Search Term Understanding, Context, Semantics Google is now able to better recognize the relevance and relationship between words and phrases, instead of just considering a bunch of individual keywords. 文 A Hummingbird has made search more “human friendly" by making Google better at understanding language and how people communicate. Conversational Search Conversational search allows users to conduct a search or ask a question; which can then be followed-on with another search where the previous search will be considered for context! VOICE SEARCH When users search on their smartphones, queries tend to be shorter users don't type as many words as when they're using a full-size keyboard. But that trend reverses when voice search is used. Voice search queries tend to be longer, more complex, and more conversational. As we edge into the era of wearable tech, Google is making sure they are ready to provide the best voice search %23 experience around. Hashtag search Google has now added value to hash tags, especially those used in Google+. WHO WILL IT AFFECT? 90% Of searches worldwide will be influenced. What has the impact been so far? It's still early days, most website owners haven't noticed significant changes. What Does Google Hummingbird mean for SEO and Content Marketing? Creating good quality, interesting and unique content, with the aim of appearing in more places and giving sites a chance of being ranked higher. Less keyword stuffing, more use of conversational tone. Telling Google more about your website. Optimizing for mobile searches, as these, and voice searches, are undoubtedly where the market is moving. sources Created by: webhostface Service always comes with a smiling face

What is Hummingbird and how do I know if it’s affecting my site’s ranking?

shared by webhostface on Nov 08
Last month, Google announced a major search algorithm release called Hummingbird. What does this mean for your online content marketing? Check out our handy pointers to consider when you're building y...




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