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What is crowdfunding?

WHAT IS CROWDFUNDING? Using small amounts of money from a lot of people to fund something. TYPES THE MARKET/INDUSTRY? In 2012 the crowdfunding market grew 81%, raising $2.7 billion and over one million campaigns. By 2013, the market will grow to $5.1 billion. DONATION- BASED LENDING- REWARD- BASED EQUITY- BASED BASED Funders donate money to support a cause they're passionate about. Funders provide money in exchange for ownership. Funders provide money in exchange for rewards based on how much they give. Funders provide money in exchange for a fixed income until the loan has been repaid. Most Popular Crowdfunding Platforms Most Successful Crowdfunded Projects 30 KICKSTARTER PEBBLE WATCH is a way to fund creative projects. The first watch build for the 21st century. It's infinitely customizable with downloadable watch faces and days is the average amount of time a campaign is held. INDIEGOGO internet-connected apps that connect to your smartphone. is a way to fund any type of campaign. Categories That Succeed STAR CITIZEN CROWDTILT Space adventure game from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. It is the largest crowdfunded campaign ever with over $14 million raised. allows you to crowdfund anything. HARDWARE SOFTWARE ANGELLIST LET'S BUILD A GOD- DAMN TESLA MUSEUM connects startups with investors. Project raised $1.3 million towards the creation of a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla. (Because we all know Thomas Edison didn't invent GAMES PHYSICAL PRODUCTS RAZOO allows you to donate or fundraise for causes. the light bulb). 60 RECAPTCHA PETRIDISH lets you fund promising research projects. Free CAPTCHA service that helps digitize old print material and books. Every minute, $606.76 are given to Kickstarter projects. Growth in Worldwide Funding Volume 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 2009 2010 2011 2012 Year (CROWDFUNDING PLATFORMS) •CFPS Active Worldwide • Canada - 17 Europe - 186 Russia - 2 China - 4 Japan - 3 United States - 191 Hong Kong - 1 Mexico - 2 India - 6 Haiti -1 Phillipines - 1 South America - 24 Australia - 12 New Zealand - 6 Israel - 1 Africa - 4 Growth of Crowdfunding Programs by Category 80 70 (Based on 143 CFPS) 60 Reward 50 Donation 40 30 Lending 20 Equity 10 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Year eventstir Citations: CROWDFUNDING INDUSTRY REPORT: May 2012 / Crowdsourcing 101 / Kickstarter : The Best of 2012 designed by Crystal Au Crowdfunding Programs Millions of Dollars

What is crowdfunding?

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What is crowdfunding? A look at the industry for 2012 outlining the growth to a $5 billion industry with projections of over $500 billion by 2017




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