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What are datacenters?

The Internet is a big place. With so much data traversing the globe everyday, how do companies WHAT ARE DATA CENTERS? ensure that their data is stored and processed securely? The answer lies in data centers, which are vital to the function of nearly every business. Let's take a look at how data centers work and the key THE BRAINS OF THE OPERATION role they play in managing our data. GLOBAL SCALE Total global data center traffic THE Storing data on the cloud doesn't mean that it's not stored on hardware. A cloud provider is maintaining CLOUD 2018 (еxpected) the data on their own host servers at a data center. 2013 Expected cloud* traffic to 8 10 account for data center traffic. 76% zettabytes* Cloud Traffic *What's a zettabyte? That's one sextillion (1021) bytes! Where are these 8,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes in the future going to be stored and processed? DATA CENTERS. Think of a data center as the heart of a network. They provide a central location to house servers that collect, store, and process data, THE DATA HUB which companies access remotely via the Internet or over private networks. Data centers provide all the required elements to support servers: storage, backup and recovery, power, cooling, security and physical protection. THE DATA CENTER LAYOUT HEAT EXCHANGERS SERVER ROOMS CONCRETE AND STEEL CONSTRUCTION Located on the roof, they release the hot air from inside the building. House clusters of interconnected servers in a secure, climate-controlled room. Servers are essentially a computer without a monitor or keyboard. They store and process data Built to protect servers in the event of natural disasters. and connect to a network for input/output. AIR CONDITIONING Controlling the temperature is vital to prevent equipment from overheating. BACKUP GENERATORS Run on diesel and automatically turn on in the event of a power outage. UPS UNITS Ensure an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) over NETWORK OPERATIONS CENTER (NOC) battery charged power by bridging the gap until backup generators take over. IT and security personnel monitor 24/7 COOLING UNITS the data center 24/7. Dissipate the heat absorbed by the A/C units NETWORK RACKS and release it outside, or recycle it as cold air. Also provide a backup cooling source. Where all the outside carrier and ISP fiber SECURITY optic lines come in to connect with each other and to the servers so that the data goes in and Guards, card readers, and cameras monitor the out over these lines. premises to provide 24/7 physical security. THE DATA PATHWAY How does data get from the data center servers to your computer? DATA NETWORKING INTERNET CENTER CABLES* SERVICE PROVIDERS** MODEM ROUTER COMPUTER * These fiber optic cables provide the Internet backbone by moving data at high speeds. ** Provides Internet access to companies and consumers. STREAMING VIDEO Ever wonder how a company like Netflix delivers seamless streaming to your computer or tablet? NETFLIX 3 GIGABYTES uses up to 34% of data per hour for each HD video stream TOTAL INTERNET TRAFFIC in North America during peak hours Rather than downloading entire video files, streaming plays the video data as it is received from servers: The user selects the The web server that The media server A web browser plug-in movie or TV show they hosts the site sends streams the video data (like Microsoft want to watch. the request to a media to the user's computer. Silverlight) decodes and buffers the data server. until it plays. With the continued growth of the Internet, data centers will only become more important as a home to store and protect massive amounts of critical data. The data center infrastructure is designed and operated to ensure that you will be able to watch your Netflix video. all times.! http:/ html;jsessionid-OC2IDC714702E7E63EAF6887DCO17D6F?typerwebcontent&articleld-324003 -works-1095211/2 ©2015 Wilcon Operations, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

What are datacenters?

shared by alanw4 on Dec 02
So, what exactly are they and how do they work? This infographic examines the layout of data centers and how they function to keep our data secure.


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