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What are Appliances Costing the Planet?

WHAT ARE APPLIANCES COSTING THE PLANET? 700 PLASMA TV 658KWH / £95 PER YEAR Through energy use the average house 650 emits more harmful CO2 gas than the average car. 30% of the energy consumed in the UK is wasted. 600 Every house in the UK creates enough CO2 According to the Energy Saving Trust, 30% each year to fill a hot air balloon. of the average household energy bill is spent powering consumer electronics and 550 computer products. The average household does 270 loads of washing a year. If every home in the UK reduced their 500 energy consumption by 20% the UK would meet the 2020 targets set by the Drying clothes outside during the summer European Union. months saves 65kg of CO2. 450 FRIDGE FREEZER 427KWH / £62 PER YEAR If it could be completely harnessed, enough sunlight falls on the earth in a 400 single hour to meet world energy demands for an entire year. Turning your thermostat down by 1°C could reduce your fuel bills by 10%. 350 CHEST FREEZER 327KWH / £47.50 PER YEAR COOKER WITH ELECTRIC HOB 317KWH / £46 PER YEAR COOKER WITHOUT HOB 290KWH / £42 PER YEAR One wind turbine can produce enough electricity to power up to 300 homes. 250 НОВ 226KWH / £33 PER YEAR 37 INCH LCD FLAT SCREEN TV 190KWH / £27 PER YEAR 200 17 INCH TRADITIONAL CRT TV 180KWH / £26 PER YEAR FRIDGE 162KWH / £23.50 PER YEAR ELECTRIC KETTLE 150 167KWH / £24 PER YEAR COMPLEX SET TOP BOX 148KWH / £21 PER YEAR DESKTOP COMPUTER 166KWH / £24 PER YEAR SET TOP BOx 100 HI-FI SYSTEM 115.5KWH / £17 PER YEAR 107KWH / £15 PER YEAR DVD RECORDER PS3 67.7KWH / £9 PER YEAR 96.8KWH / £14 PER YEAR XBOX 360 VCR 56.6KWH / £8 PER YEAR 48.3KWH / £7 PER YEAR MICROWAVE 56KWH / £8 PER YEAR FRYER 40KWH / £6 PER YEAR 52KWH / £7.24 PER YEAR FAN RADIO 46KWH / £7 PER YEAR 35KWH / £5 PER YEAR CD PLAYER COFFEE MACHINE 34.7KWH / £5 PER YEAR 31.8KWH / £4.60 PER YEAR IRON 3IKWH / £4.50 PER YEAR TOASTER 21.9KWH / £3.18 PER YEAR LAPTOP PRINTER 29KWH / £4 PER YEAR 21KWH / £3 PER YEAR VACUUM CLEANER CORDLESS PHONE 18KWH / £2.60 PER YEAR 20KWH / £3 PER YEAR GRILL 12.8KWH / £1.86 PER YEAR Energy efficient appliances use less power and are cheaper to run – thus emit fewer greenhouse gases. BABY MONITOR HAIR DRYER FOOD MIXER I1.7KWH / £1.70 4KWH / £I 0.5KWH / £0.07 PER YEAR PER YEAR PER YEAR SOURCES AND REFERENCES THISISMONEY.cO.UK/MONEY/BILLS/ARTICLE-2164842/HOW-HOUSE- HOLD-GADGETS-COST-RUN-16-ELECTRICITY-BILLS-WASTED-APPLIANCES-LEFT-STANDBY.HTML CARBONFOOTPRINT.COM/ENERGYCONSUMPTION.HTML FALKIRK.GOV.UK/SERVICES/CORPORATE_NEIGHBOURHOOD/HOUSING/ENV- RONMENTAL_AND_ENERGY_ISSUES/HOUSEHOLD_ENERGY_ADVICE/HOUSEHOLD_APPLIANCE_INFORMATION.ASPX OVOENERGY.COM/2013/09/ENERGY-SUCKING-APPLIANCES/ ONS.GOV.UK/ONS/REL/HOUSEHOLD-INCOME/EXPENDITURE-ON-HOUSE- HOLD-FUELS/2002---2012/FULL-REPORT--HOUSEHOLD-ENERGY-SPENDING-IN-THE-UK--2002--2012.HTML THESOLARCENTRE.CO.UK/PAGES/HOME_APPLIANCE_ENERGY_USE.HTML UEL.AC.UK/GREENTHING/ENERGY/ENERGYMYTHSANDFACTS/ SEPA.ORG.UK/ABOUT_US/GREENING_SEPA/GREEN_FACTS_AND_FIGURES/ENERGY_FACTS.ASPX UKGBC.ORG/CONTENT/KEY-STATISTICS-0 ACTONENERGY.ORG.UK/APPLIANCE-ENERGY-CONSUMPTION INDEPENDENT.CO.UK/STUDENT/MAGAZINES/THE-NATURAL-SOLUTION-TEN-FACTS-ABOUT-RENEWABLE-ENERGY-448818.HTML WORCESTERSHIRE.GOV.UK/CMS/PDF/FACT%20SHEET.PDF YOURSOURCETODAY.COM/GREEN/ENERGY-SAVINGS-FACTS GLOTECHREPAIRS.CO.UK glotech appliance repair is greener

What are Appliances Costing the Planet?

shared by DanGlotech on Apr 22
We've created this infographic to give you a clearer insight into just how much energy and money the appliances in your home are expending.


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