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What Apple Music Means To Fans And Artists

WHAT MUSIC MEANS TO FANS AND ARTISTS HOW BIG WILL ( APPLE MUSIC BE? 41 41 million people worldwide currently pay to stream music online. Million 100 With their new streaming service Apple Music, Apple is hoping to gain 100 million paid streaming accounts. Million 800® Currently, 800 million people have iTunes accounts with their credit card information in file. Million 81.5 MILLION 60 HOW BIG IS MILLION THE COMPETITION? 0.54 MOST USERS ON PANDORAAND MILLION SPOTIFY USE THE FREE VERSION OF THE SERVICE TIDAL SPOTIFY PANDORA WHAT DOES APPLE MUSIC OFFER TO MUSIC FANS? NUMBER OF SONGS: 43 APPLE. Million SPOTIFY. 30 Million 25 TIDAL. Million PANDORA 1.5. Million APPLE MUSIC Curated Playlists ALSO FEATURES Internet Radio Music Discovery Features Siri Integration WHAT DOES APPLE MUSIC MEAN FOR ARTISTS? (5) . PAID IN ROYALTIES You Tube On a $0.99 download, iTunes pays out $0.69 For a single stream of a song on Each play on YouTube pays Spotify or Apple Music $0.0003 (paid accounts), $0.006 -$0.008 THERE IS POTENTIAL FOR ROYALTY PAYMENTS TO GET BIGGER AS MORE AND MORE PEOPLE BUY IN AND PAY TO STREAM MUSIC ONLINE. FOR NOw, STREAMING IS A FUN WAY TO DISCOVER NEW MUSIC, BUT THE BEST WAY TO SUPPORT ARTISTS IS STILL BY ATTENDING PERFORMANCES AND BUYING THEIR ALBUMS. t0 takelessons UU UL Uo0000

What Apple Music Means To Fans And Artists

shared by TakeLessonsTL on Jul 05
Streaming is changing the way the music industry operates, and this week it’s in the news again. Tech giant Apple announced that they will be offering a new music streaming service, Apple Music, at ...




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