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What’s Inside Your LED TV? (Infographic)

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SAT WHAT'S INSIDE WATCHING YOUR FAVOURITE MOVIE OR TV SERIES AND WONDERED WHAT EXACTLY IS INSIDE YOUR TV? YOUR LED O? Well, wonder no more, for we shall present to you the insides of your LED TV. FIRSTLY, LET'S ASK “WHAT IS AN LED TV?" Well, it's basically an LCD TV. We hear your cries of disbelief, but it's true. An LED TV is basically an LCD TV but with a different form of backlighting. This small difference is more important than you'd think as you're going to get much better picture quality from Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDS! THE BACKLIGHT THE MAIN LED SCREEN An LED panel is made up of layers of glass including polarized sheets of glass, a klight and a grid layer of a responsive liquid crystal solution. LED TVs feature a backlight layer that includes LED lights around the edge of the panels. THE TV TUNER THE LEDS This is the bit that makes it possible for you to get a signal and watch live TV. These are the tiny little lights behind your TV screen that bring you the deeper blacks, brighter colours and clearer THE INPUTS pictures, making watching a movie more enjoyable. This bit is on the back of your TV and has all the inputs needed to connect your TV up to the power, internet or DVD players and THE REFLECTIVE PANEL other consoles. THE CIRCUIT BOARD This makes sure that all the light stays in the right place and gives you a great picture. This is one of the electrical components of your TV which is like the brain of your television, sending electrical signals to all the other parts. There are probably more parts inside an LED TV than you realised! All of these components work together so you can get a great viewing experience. This means that when you're buying a brand new TV, you're going to want to come to the experts and here at Electronic World, we know our stuff! INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY electronicworld The TV Specialists WWW.ELECTRONICWORLDTV.CO.UK DESIGNED BY SEARCHQUEST

What’s Inside Your LED TV? (Infographic)

shared by SQInfographics on Dec 17
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the screen of your TV to make it work? Wonder no longer with this handy infographic! We highlight all the important components that allow you to watch all y...


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