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What’s Up, Alexa?

WHAT'S UP, ALEXA? WHAT IS ALEXA? Alexa is a virtual assistant created by Amazon Alexa can be found in many Amazon devices, such as the Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, Echo Look, Echo Show, Dash Wand, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV )) Alexa can also be downloaded as an app on other devices such as phones, TVs, thermostats, and even refrigerators HOW DOES ALEXA. ALEXA WORK? Alexa is easy to use and responds to voice commands Simply say “Alexa," and your virtual assistant will wake up and be ready to answer any questions You can ask Alexa to find information online, control appliances throughout your home, order food and other items, pay your bills, track your packages, and do almost anything else you can think of WHAT FUN QUESTIONS SHOULD YOU ASK ALEXA? Alexa is a great source of information, but she can also be a great source of entertainment THERE ARE MANY FUN QUESTIONS YOU CAN ASK ALEXA, SUCH AS: ALEXA, who you gonna call? ALEXA, can you beatbox? ALEXA, what's the first rule of Fight Club? ALEXA, who let the dogs out? ALEXA, Marco! ALEXA, who lives in a pineapple under the sea? ALEXA, what color is the dress? ALEXA, do you really want to hurt me? ALEXA, why is 6 afraid of 7? ALEXA, what's in a name? ALEXA, do you know the muffin man? ALEXA, where's Waldo? ALEXA, when is your birthday? ALEXA, you talkin' to me? ALEXA, what does the fox say? PROVIDED BY: PENNINGTON CREATIVE PENNINGTONCREATIVE.COM SOURCES: %24

What’s Up, Alexa?

shared by PenningtonCreative on Nov 06
Alexa, you talkin’ to me? Say that to your virtual assistant, and see how she responds! Alexa listens to voice commands and can perform many tasks, including paying bills, ordering food, and telling...


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