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Welcome to The World of Data Driven Marketing

nspired by the "World of Tomorrow" at the 1939 New York World's fair', we present an exhibit showcasing the fantastical achievements made possible by data-driven marketing. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF Like the everyday modern marvels presented for the first time at the 39 fair such as color photography and air conditioning, "Big Data" forever changes the marketing world. Behold the iconic Perisphere, representing the ever-increasing world of big data created by today's connected customers. follow the data-driven marketing strategies and capabilities of top-performing companies on the tHelicline of Big Data adoption. Be amazed by the soaring Trylon harkening the superior marketing and business results achieved by these pioneers. DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING & ADVERTISING Step into the world of Big Data to experience the way tomorrow's marketing delivers better results today. THE DATA EXPLOSION Today's connected consumers generate a large and growing digital footprint Data production will be 4.0mLan 294oL emails sent every day greater in 2020 than it was in 2009 online ad impressions in 2011' 71% of CMOS say they're unprepared for this coming data explosion TOP STRATEGIES OF MARKETING LEADERS® Improve targeting of marketing offers redictive analytics research by Group shows leading marketers using I data-driven marketing to improve the targeting of offers and gain a 360 degree view of the customer. These leaders are Predictive Analytics Users Non Users Aberdeen X51% Incremental sales lift from a marketing campaign: Obtain 360° more likely to incorporate multiple data sources, including unstructured and social data, use behavioral analysis to customize marketing, and respond to consumer activity in real-time. Their performance A 8.3% 4.8% view of the customer XS% CAPABILITIES proves the value and potential of big data for big marketing results. Click-through rate (mass campaigns): RESULTS 7.9% Followers SUCCESS WITH PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS Leaders 4.5% Access internal unstructured data Click-through rate (personalized campaigns): X19% 33% Å a 11.1% Access social media data X1% 2% 8.1% Apply behaviour scoring to customer data DATA-DRIVEN MARKETING CAPABILITIES Predictive model used to drive decisions Provide offers customized to individuals continuously, in real time Data Driven Smarter Marketers using IBM Big Data technology: AppNexus saw data loads and data models updated within 15 minutes so buyers can optimize strategies in real time." Trident Marketing targeted the optimal keywords across all campaigns and saw a 30% decrease in paid search costs." Datalogix increased campaign performance by 50% and scaled to support 50% data volume growth per year.0 The BM Big Data Platform delivers a comprehensive, state-of-the art solution to address the spectrum of big data challenges. WHAT'S NEXT? ig data ushers in a new golden age of marketing. Vast and unprecedented insights give tomorrow's marketing leaders the ability to understand consumers' individual preferences and intentions at scale, and to target offers and messages to generate higher response and return on marketing investment. Sixty-six (66%) of CMOS plan to increase their Use of predictive analytics". The data-driven marketing world of tomorrow beckons. for more information, please visit: IBM AberdeenGroup A Harte-Hanks Company 7. Aberdeen Group "Analytics for the CMO, September 2011. 8. IBM Case Study: 9. IBM Case Study: 10. IBM Case Study: 11. IBM Global CMO Study, 2011. 1.'s Fair 2. comScore, "U.S. Digital Future in Focus 2012: Key Insights from 2011 and What they Mean for the Coming Year," February 2012. 3. IDC, "The Digital Universe Decade- Are You Ready?," May 2010. 4. The Radicati Group, "Email Statistics Report, 2010-2014" April 2010. 5. IBM Global CMO Study, 2011. 6. Aberdeen Group, "Predictive Analytics for Sales and Marketing," December 2011. THE PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS BREAKTHROUGH

Welcome to The World of Data Driven Marketing

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Step into the World of Data Driven Marketing


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