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Welcome to the Digital Living Room

Welcome TO THE DIGITAL LIVING ROOM How is the TV Landscape Changing? A Major First Step: ANALOG TO DIGITAL Embracing the new digital era, Congress marked June 12, 2009, as the last day for TV stations to broadcast in analog. After that date, all broadcast signals were switched to digital, which produces higher-definition resolution, better sound, and can transmit more data. DVR Gives Viewers What Shows Are People Replaying? wwwww wwww www wwwww THE POWER TO TIMESHIFT Nielsen listed the top DVR genres, based on rate of playbacks, and found that science fiction is the most popular. ww wwwww ww wwww wwwww First introduced to the consumer market in 1999, digital video recorders (DVRS) have since grown tremendously. Forrester predicts that by 2015, the devices will reach a household penetration of about 40% to 45%. According to Nielsen, DVRS-with TIVO leading the market-are both beneficial to networks ratings and consumer convenience. 1 4 Science Sitcoms Drama Variety/ Reality Evening Animation Fiction Easy Peasy TV OF DVR PRIMETIME PROGRAMMING IS PLAYED 49% BACK THE SAME DAY IT WAS RECORDED. - 1 HOUR 88% IS PLAYED BACK WITHIN 3 DAYS. 24.5 AVERAGE MONTHLY HOURS OF DVR VIEWING Online Video: IN FACT, IN OCTOBER 2011, A GAME CHANGER 201.4 BILLION ONLINE VIDEOS WERE WATCHED AROUND THE WORLD, WITH THE GLOBAL VIEWING AUDIENCE* REACHING 1.2 BILLION Thanks to the ubiquity of the Internet and the advent of cloud computing, television programming now transcends the traditional small screen. Consumers can watch videos from any device that can access the Web. UNIQUE VIEWERS. *Aged 15 and older Where Are People Getting Their Online Video Fix? 135,567 198,706 216,678 10,157,354 618,704 254,857 According to the latest Nielsen Report on the topic: YOUTUBE HAS A HUGE LEAD COMPARED TO OTHER VIDEO STREAMING WEBSITES. → Total Streams (September 2011) 464,064 221,891 202,721 194,767 YOUTUBE HULU VEVO YAHOO! MSN NETFLIX ESPN AOL DAILYMOTION FACEBOOK Visitors to Video - Sharing Sites Climbs Online Videos Drive Conversion & Traffic ww www w Over the past 5 years, the percent of Internet users who go to video sharing sites has more than doubled to 71% in 2011, The Discovery Channel increased video streams by by implementing video sitemaps, which make 123% it easier for Google to index video content 80 Percent of Internet users and have it appear in search results. who visit video sharing sites www wwwwwwwwww w 70 Dell, Inc, reports that video helped reduce service call volumes by 60 5% 50 40 65.9% of respondents to a GetResponse survey 30 06 believe that videos in emails have a moderate 07 08 09 10 11 to significant impact on conversion rates. Netflix & Hulu Bring On-Demand What are Netflix & Hulu Users Watching? MAINSTREAM 53% 11% NETFLIX NETFLIX How is Netflix able to attract more than 30 million subscribers? Through on-demand access to a large collection of films and television series. HULU On September 18, 2011, the company jeopardized this when it announced it woukd separate its DVD-by-mail and "Watch Instantly" streaming feature into two entities, with the DVD service being called Qwikster. 18% 73% IMovies OBoth The companies would have different cost structures and benefits. Amidst the public uproar, the company cancelled the change less And How Are They Watching? than a month later. THE AVERAGE NETFLIX USER WATCHES 42% 25% 14% 13% 12% 5 TV SHOWS AND 4 MOVIES PER WEEK. NETFLIX HULU 20% HULU Geared toward the TV fanatic, Hulu offers both recent TV episodes as well as past seasons, and attracts those yearning for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from major networks. IComputer Wl Computer to TV PS3 I XBox Live THE RISE OF SOCIAL TV Social media has redefined how we communicate. Now, it is transforming the television viewing experience. Surveys suggest that many viewers use multiple internet-enabled devices while watching TV and marketers have begun incorporating social elements into their campaigns. TV Viewers Are Multitasking How Is a New Era of Social TV Being Integrated? ww mww www YAHOO! AND RAZORFISH SURVEYED U.S. ADULTS AND FOUND THAT: X-FACTOR & TWITTER 88% ARE MOBILE MULTITASKING WHILE WATCHING TV. This year, "The X Factor-a reality singing competition-became the first of its kind to allow voting through Twitter. According to Bluefin Labs, a social media analytics company, the show averages 110.000 social social TV show among reality series. a com episode and is the number one ARE ON THEIR PHONES FOR THE ENTIRE 15% DURATION OF PROGRAMS. REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE & INTONOW INTO-NOW 38% SEARCH THE MOBILE WEB FOR CONTENT RELATED TO THE SHOWS THEY'RE WATCHING. During the December, 17, 2011, Republican presidential debate, ABC News, which broadcast and moderated the event, used an app called "IntoNow" to poll live audiences and gauge reactions to debate responses in real time. It would then use the poll results to determine follow-up questions. 94% EXCHANGE EMAIL, SEND IMS, TEXT, TALK OR SOCIAL NETWORK WHILE WATCHING TV. ZEEBOX zeebox 38% SAY BROWSING THE WEB ENHANCES THEIR TV Developed for smartphones and the iPad, Zeebox is a dual-screen VIEWING EXPERIENCE. app that allows users to participate in real-time social network discussions about the shows they're watching while they're watching. It even allows invites to Facebook friends to view the same programs. Sources: NPO GROUP - COMSCORE.COM. OTV.GOV • CNNCOM • VENTUREBEAT.COM- HOLLYWOOOREPORTER.COM NEILSEN REPORT, "OVR USE IN THE US DECEMBER 2010, - BLUEFINLABS.COM - MASHABLE.COM • LOSTREMOTECOM ADAGECOM - TECHRADAR.COM - RAZORFISHOUTLOOK.COM G+

Welcome to the Digital Living Room

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Embracing the new digital era, Congress marked June 12, 2009, as the last day for TV stations to broadcast in analog. After that date, all broadcast signals were switched to digital, which produces hi...



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