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The Web Bot Project 2012

weB BOT The Originally designed to search the web and then make predictions about the stock market, users claim they soon noticed the program making accurate predictions. PROJECT WeB BOT Prediction Method? The Only Scientific So how does it work? Sources: Wikipedia,,, urban survival, MMM http:// A system of spiders, agents, and wanderers travel the Internet, much like a search engine robot, and look for particular kinds of words. It targets discussion groups, translation sites, and places were regular people post a lot of text. target word When a "target word" is found, or something that is lexically similar, the web bots take a small 2048 byte snip of surrounding text and send it to a central collection point. The collected data at times approached 100 GB sample sizes. The collected data is then filtered, which is then reduced to numbers and then a resultant series of scatter chart plots on multiple layers of Intellicad. filtered datas Viewed over a period of time, the scatter chart points tend to coalesce into highly concentrated areas. Each dot on the scatter chart might represent one word or several hundred. If you picture some pin holes in a piece of paper - and you imagine being able to look through each pinhole for a fraction of a second with the objective of seeing the future on the other side of the paper - that's where the web bots are today. 8.9.0 2.1 8.9.0 WeB BOT Scotter chart plot collected data at 100 GB ODDO ODOD How Prediction Works History News Bulletins EVENT The "past" after events EVENT HORIZON Future before events Future Events"Leak" into the present from future "events" as 'time ripples'. Шев BOT 19T tetotrouLtNGOat 91016 16PALZ 4101 The first accurate prediction from the bot came in June of 2001 claiming a catastrophic event would take place within the next 60-90 days. Regrettably it did- and the Twin Towers indr пит 11011019tSeptember 11, 2001. 13. Since then there have been a slew of predictions, some of which folow: a10101916 00110101 • The Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy when the 010101 bot 12 1olt accurately predicted the New York blackout in 2003. predicted maritime disaster. New york 2003 It forecast a major event in relation to Las Vegas 65 days prior to 9/11 - when the terrorists were actually in Las Vegas. n- The bot stated there would be an attack related to a commemorative event prior to an American 587 crash on Veteran's Day. 2ATA feu ATTE • It read that there would be an attack on the house or assembly prior to the anthrax scare. The bot stated gun shot wounding m Dick Cheney. g referenced to Vice Pres a. Anthrax attack in Washington DC in 2001. 09-11-01 You CAN NOT STOP Us. W AVE THIS ANTHRAX You oIE How. • Massive east-coast power outage in 2003. ARE You AFRAIro? • Earthquake in August 2004. east Coast DEAT N TO AMERICA. DEATH TO ISRAEL. ALLAH IS GREAT. Water-rising which lead to the Tsunami in December 2004. • Hurricane Kathrina in 2005. • The "Death of the Dollar" will be a continuing trend, with a hyper inflationary period in 2010, and banking crises/confidence losses that will begin in August 2009 and escalate by November 2009. 01010 107 1iesc1aho110101 101 1910 - In the summer or spring of 2009, a global coastal event or process (possibly a tidal change) will involve a rise in sea levels that will knock out oil refineries and severely I TITOTTHL 010a Ports. Future Predictions Der sea p 00110.110 - In 2011/05, the magnetosp1 औहो शननतमते 2आ ultraviolet scorching of crops. Grain crops will fail mainly CO in the Northern Hemisphere which will lead to food riots in the summer and spring. Specifically, there will be riots in Rome that will spill over into the Vatican. problems could lead to Шев BOT if |- In 2012, there will be an ultimate demise for millions. The cause will be brought on by some combination of pandemics, economic collapse, and breakdown of health- care and unknown energies from space. ODOD Arrow of time Nostradamus/long-range seers Web Bot Project Remote Viewing/Other Techniques

The Web Bot Project 2012

shared by PixelRoad on Jan 11
Originally designed to search the web and then make predictions about the stock market, users claim they soon noticed the program making accurate predictions!






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