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The Web Application Development Process

THE WEB APP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS { define: web ap-pli-ca-tion A computer software application that is hosted controlled environment a browser- Interface PLANNING STAGE for DEVELOPING WEB APPS Database Research Purpose, Goas and Direction Develop This intial tosk is an imporlant port of te proces It requires putting together the Web Appication project gook and porpose. Researching and Defining Audience and Securify Documents This requires researching the oudience/uners, and prospective dients ond creating on Analytik Report hich indudes the fallowing oppranimate esses- ments Planning Defining Creating Functional Specifications A Web App functionality specications is the key in any Web Application project. This will ist allof the funcdionalities and techeical specicetions that a web application wil require to occomplesh Design Layout, Interface Design, Wire framing One of the main ingredients to e sucresul project is to put together a web opp that utlizes a user's interoctions, interfoce and elements that heve a proven record for ease of use, and provide the best uner experience. Development and execution In this stoge, the developers need to buck up and Beta Testing and Bug Fixing esdableh enties, data variobles and various coding procedures. Stricd care is taken to odhere to the quality guidelines. The team will prepare a doc and give it to the manogement for review. This is the most unavoidable stoge as it includes tesling and ensuring the proper functioning of the opplication. tis done for the removal of the bugs nd other molicious contents in order to prevent the opplcations to fl POPULAR FRAMEWORKS for DEVELOPING VWEB APPS Javascript to bring these technologies together for dynamic object for asynchronous communication XMLHTTP Document Object diplay of and Model (DOM) interaction with data AJAX AJAX is a group of interrelated web development methods used on the dient-side to create interactive web applications. Joomla (ONS) for publshing content on the World Wide Web ond intronets MODX witten Drupal PHP, sed esa pblhing nt on he wald wide wb and h bark rod for webutes PHP Oracle ADF PHP is o general-purposa seripting longuoge originlly designed for web development to produce dynamic web poges. Qade ADE, provides a camme ol leva fromework for build ing enterprise applications open souno modern Jova El web gpp fromewod designed la quick ond ea dat ue of de vupment AppFuse griented Apache Click framework for the Java lan guoge Java Fusebox Jove is a programming languoge. Jove ise general purpose, concurent, das-besed, objed-oriented lenguoge thet is specfically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possble Freben ie web appleaton fromework for Coldfsion sa veb app romewk fooned on kon enter- WireBox Mach-II nesing sah- cppleation fomevark opment ond for the Cold fuien CFML (ColdFusion) OpenRasta Coldfinion Markup languoge, more commonly known os CFMI, ka sripling lan guoge for web development that runs on the VM, the NET framework, and Google App Engine kedeelpnant baewrk togeting te Meot M plefem dng wbed oltomnd win he n MonoRail DotNetNuke SR web CMS beed on work bult on lop af he ASPNET technology. ASP.NET ASP NET sa web opplication fromework developed and marketed by Micro- solt to allow programmers lo build dynamic web sile, web opplications and web services BlueBream eken keite by te lope devel pers ef the Zape weh pltion server. son objed- oriented Webpy s web2py h và Webware on open sou web opplketion romrwrk Python Python is an interpreted, general purpose high -level proganning language whose design phleso Ruby on Rails phy emphoizes code reodablty ken open sr web applcation romework for the Ruby progrum ming kanguoge ke free ond open soure web opp fromework and dume ete langage Sinatra Ramaze ka veb app homrek by Michoel Felinger witten in Ruby Ruby Catalyst Ruby is a dynamic, rellecive, general porpose objed oriented pro- gramning languoge that combines syulex impired by Perl with Smaltok ke leatures. km ppen source web ookation fromevork witten in apen sour Emere web Maypole Perl web opp fromevork lor appliention serve and plaform wi len in Pel Interchange MVC-oriented opplkate Perl Perl is a high level, general purpose, laterpreled, dynomik programing longuoge. { } POPULAR WEB APPS for THE WEB hootsuite Zootool Social Media Dashboard - check your social networks on your browser and on the go A new easy and pretty way to do bookmarks springpad. deanstalk Version control with a human face Save your notes everywhere, for free. A good choice to keep your code safe. СвәVeg O PROCSSOR The smarter way to create and share your résumó. ProCSSor lots you prottify your CSS code quickly without install- ing a new tool. хero Panda orm Xero is an online accounting tool that gives you a real-time view of your finances across all accounts. Pandaform is a simple business form builder. wOdrank PDEMYURL.COM WEBSITE ANALYSIS TOOL WooRank is a tool that grabs loads of up-to-date information on a web- A web app that takes any URL and turns it into a PDF. Simple and easy. site. intelGain IntelgainTechnologies TECHN OL/o GIES

The Web Application Development Process

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A computer software application that is hosted in a browser controlled environment.


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