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Web Accessibility 101

WEB ACCESSIBILITY E 101 Engaging Web Experiences For Everyone! WHAT IS WEB ACCESSIBILITY? Web accessibility allows people with disabilities to access the web. It means that physically challenged people can perceive, comprehend, navigate, and interact with the web, and that they can contribute to the web. Web accessibility also benefits people with changing abilities due to aging. WHY MAKING WEBSITES ACCESSIBLE IS ESSENTIAL? To offer equal access to information To make opportunities available to people To help people with disabilities to contribute more effectively to the society with disabilities To ensure compliance with federal standards WHO BENEFITS FROM WEB ACCESSIBILITY? People with reading difficulties People with disabilities Aging/Elderly People with vision and color disorders WHAT IT TAKES TO DESIGN ACCESSIBLE WEBSITES? TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Including HTML Meta data and alt text attributes for </> non-readable content. To implement alternative and accessible resources across W3C" WAI GUIDELINES different components of a website. To enable, facilitate, and promote alternative text in a Web page. AUTHORING TOOLS To gauge effectiveness of accessibility attributes and to ensure their existence. EVALUATION ТOOLS USER AGENTS To offer human-machine interface to the alternative text. To make users understand the usage of different components and how they work together. USER TRAININGS To facilitate alt-text with the interface, irrespective of screen size and platform. ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGIES 10 TIPS TO MAKE WEBSITES ACCESSIBLE GIVE VOICE TO YOUR VISUALS For all sorts of visuals (images, infographics or animations), define alt-attribute to describe Image Title Here the function of each visual. MAKE WAY FOR IMAGE MAPS Use image map attribute to define clickable images and their relationship with the link or image followed. TRANSCRIPT FOR MULTIMEDIA Transcript In case of audio, provide captions or transcripts. For video, allow descriptions or transcripts for screen readers. МАKE SENSE OF HYPERTEXT Instead of 'click here' or 'go to', use hypertext on link that makes sense when read Click Here To Sign-Up! out of context. STRUCTURE YOUR WEB PAGE Header Navigation Organize webpages using CSS layout and style. Use headings, lists and consistent structure to ease navigation and improve readability. Sidebar Article ELABORATE GRAPHS & CHARTS ... Recap graphs or charts in text form or use the long description attribute to make graph or chart details available for the reader. Description Here SCOPE FOR INCOMPATIBLE If a feature, script, applet or plugin is not supported, make it obvious through alternative content or text. Unsupported Script. TELLTALE FRAMES Use meaningful titles for frames and fallback No Frames Tag to link to a non-frameset version of the web page or to show a message for users. Frame 1 No Frame Layout Frame 2 Frame DESCRIPTIONS FOR TABLES Table text here. Summarize tables in words. And make sure, each line in the table makes sense when read out of the context (following the table form). VALIDATE ACCESSIBILITY Make sure you thoroughly check and validate each and every aspect of web accessibility using validation tools before making it available for the users. n DesignMantic Source: |

Web Accessibility 101

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Making The Web User-Friendly For All! Web accessibility is basically a practice that allows people with disabilities to use the web the same way as everyone else. The main aim of this practice is to...


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