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Web Accessibility

WEB ACCESSIBILITY What is Disability? Disability is an umbrella term covering impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions. A participation restriction is a An activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life activities. situations. What is Web Accessibility? Web Accessibility refers to a standard of inclusive website development based information should be equally available to all people the idea that regardless of physical or developmental abilities or impairments. Why Strive for Accessibility? 1. To serve UC Davis disabled populations 2. To satisfy UC Davis policies 3. To meet legal obligations 4. To fulfill UC Davis educational mission ...and more Mobile- Good Design Support Support Internationali- & Development friendly SEO zation Practices Example of Disabilities Learning & Cognitive Hearing Mobility Mental Нealth Visual Speech ? Assistive Technologies Visual Disabilities Psychological ESL Screen Readers Disabilities • Text to Speech • Text to Speech • Screen Overlays • Screen Magnifiers • Color Blindness • Audio Signals • Audio Descriptions • Color Contrast Retirees • ScreenReaders • Text to Speech • Screen Magnifiers Cognitive Disabilities Text to Speech • Voice Recognition • Color Overlays Mobility Impairments • Keyboard only Hearing Impairments • Captions • Visual Signals users • Voice Recognition Creating Accessible Content ALT Provide appropriate alternative text Provide appropriate document structure Submt Ensure users can complete and submit all forms Ensure links make sense out of context - avoid using "click here" or “more", be more specific CC Caption and/or provide transcripts for media Do not rely on color alone to convey meaning Provide headers for data tables Ensure accessibility of non-HTML content, including PDF files, Microsoft Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Adobe Flash content Technology has the potential to be a great equalizer - but inaccessible technology only further excludes people. Let's embrace the potential of technology to let people be as independent, self-sufficient, and connected as possible. Sources World Health Organization Disabilities, Opportunities, Internet Working, and Technology Web Accessibility Fundamentals Global Accessibility Awareness Day A Checklist For Web Accessibility Issues Web Accessibility Toolkit

Web Accessibility

shared by on Jul 05
An infographic about web accessibility which provides quick tips for creating content accessible to assistive technologies.


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