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Wearable Tech: The New Wave

WEARABLE TECH From the much-hyped Google Glasses (Project Glass) to the app friendly, fully customisable Pebble watch, the new wave of wearable would give Agent 007 a run for his money. If the success of the Pebble watch is any indication - Pebble Technology has raised more $10 million from more than 68,000 back- ers on move out of sci-fi movies, onto our own bodies. Take a look at some of the coolest wearable tech on the market, gadgets hitting the market these days THE NEW WAVE wearable tech is finally ready to set to become the next big thing in consumer tech. COOCLE CLASSES 51% If they were affordable, would you buy Google Glasses? To gauge consumer interest in Google's latest hip product, VoucherCodes polled 2,000 consumers between April 30 and May 2. Find out below whether men are more likely to wear the glasses than women, how much they're willing to pay for them, and more. 32% 25% 17% 11% meh YES guys girls Would you feel too self-conscious wearing Google Glasses? 25% 22% 21% How much would you be willing to pay for Google Glasses 17% 15% 52% 18% 15% 9% 6% 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+ $80-$160 - $160-$240- 15% 22% $241-$320 $321-$480 $481+ guys girls LUMUS LOREX VUE What: These see-through glasses can display a '87 inch' screen onto the glass. What: These sunglasses can record 2GB or 5 hours of high resolution video and stereo sound. Tech: Really small camera. Tech: Light pumps in the ear piece that refract light down the lends, Available: NOW Available: NOW BIONIC CONTACT LENSES VUZIX WRAP 120AR What: Information displayed directly on the contact lens. Currently it can only display a single pixel. What: These glasses sport dual cameras and a HUD for stereoscopic 3D and augmented reality capabilities. Tech: 'Patented quantum optic see-thru technology Tech: Nanometer circuits, micro LEDS, tiny lens arrays. Available: NOW $1499 Available: Proof of concept ZRD SPACE FPS CAMING VEST FABRICAN SPRAY ON CLOTHES What: Directional force feedback What: This aerosol applied fabric with variable damage, i.e pistol vs rocket. can be washed and reworn. Tech: 8 air actuators, air Tech: Short fibers and binding polymers in a liquid solvent that evaprates when it dries. compressor. Available: NOW $139 Available: NOW PPSS CUT RESISTANT FABRIC UNDERARMOUR E39 What: This sweatshirt can withstand What: This shirt tracks biometrics slashes from knives, razor blades, and glass without rupture. signals and transmits them to a handheld or PC. Soon will broadcast real time athlete data. Tech: Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and high density knitting. Tech: Various sensors. Available: NOW $485 Available: 2012 ADIDAS MICOACH BRA SELF CLEANING FABRICS What: Thisfabric will clean stains when exposed to sunlight. What: Bra with sensors to monitor heart rate and calories burned. Data then sent to Adidas miCoach app. Tech: Titanium dioxide coating with nanoparticles of silver and iodine. Tech: Heart rate monitor. Available: NOW $60 Available: Proof of concept PEBBLE E PAPER WATCH NIKE+ FUEL BAND What: This smart watch can run apps and sync with your iPhone or Android phone. What: This watch will also track your steps and calories burned. Data sent to iPhone app. Sarah M. Tech: 3 axis accelerometer with Tech: Acceleromater. gesture detection, Bluetooth, SDK for developers. Available: 2012 Available: NOW $149 JAWBONE UP NOKIA VIBRATING TATTOO What: A substance on the skin which What: This wrist band tracks activity and sleep and integrates with the iPhone for analysis. can alert users to and receive alerts such as low battery. alls, messages Tech: Accelerometer, vibration Tech: Ferromagnetic inks. motor. Avalalble: Patent filed Available: Clinical trials 5 visual ly delivers the very best offers possible, helping shoppers spend their money smarterl and this information is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Google Inc. or any of the other products or services featured. We do not accept any liability whatsoever for the accuracy of this information. JUST THE BECINNING

Wearable Tech: The New Wave

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Move over, James Bond. From the much-hyped Google Glasses to the Pebble watch, the new wave of weable gadgets hitting the market these days would give Agent 007 a run for his money. Take a look at som...


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