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Wearable Computing: Where Fashion Meets Function

WEARABLE COMPUTING WHERE FASHION MEETS FUNCTION "...unless wearables become beautiful AND meaningful, we would not see them adopted by regular people ... Ultimately, we have to make sure that whatever technology we use, it enhances rather than hides our humanity." - Jennifer Darmour, Designer of the Move Pilates shirt, Artefact GOOGLE GLASS • Internet searches on voice command • Built-in camera Features include: • Video capture • Integrated Google Maps (including alternate routes and weather) • Audio • Social media sharing • Digital voice assistant • Real-time sharing • Language translator for travel THE SONY SMARTWIG THE JARVIS Touted as a Google Glass alternative An earpiece that continually listens and responds Includes functions like tactile feedback, to the wearer's camera, laser pointer, GPS, ultrasound commands transducer as well as Completes computing tasks, like creating the ability to control devices calendar events or remotely calling contacts The wearable computing MOLAR IMPLANT (prototype) industry is already worth almost $9 billion and is expected to grow to Health tracking device implanted in molar to track health data such as breathing, coughing, and eating habits $30 billion by 2018. Tests have shown the molar can classify a patient's activity with up to 93% accuracy EXOSKELETON DEVICE (prototype) Can be used to help build muscle in the hand The future of wearable mputing: 1Will focus on niche markets such as law enforcement or engineering Can be used as a phone by holding the hand up to the ear - Will hit the mainstream 2014-2016 - Will become vital to business, healthcare and personal systems by 2020 A recent study found: Almost 30% of respondents would wear devices clipped on clothing THE MOOV An artificial intelligent coach that helps the wearer train in running, cycling, swimming and cardio boxing through 3D motion sensors want smart devices actually embedded in the clothing FIN (in development) An innovative, gesture-based ring that is worn on the thumb and sits in the palm of the hand THE PEBBLE STEEL Smartwatch using Pebble 2.0 software Uses Bluetooth to remotely control up to three devices Allows for app development using data from other web sources without a companion app on a phone THE FITBIT An activity tracker and smart scale Crowdsourcing helped develop the world of wearable computing Tracks steps, distance and calories burned - Pebble smartwatch broke Kickstarter records Logs calories eaten - Asking for $100,000, Pebble made $10 million in 18 months every day. The personal health and fitness apps and services industry could be worth MOVE (prototype) $5 billion by 2016. A Pilates shirt by Artefact uses comfortable sensors to monitor the wearer's Pilates technique and positioning LILYPAD ARDUINO Developed by Leah Buechley and designed with help from SparkFun A wearable, washable Informs wearer if their form is off through vibration eTextile technology programming board SMART SHOES (prototype) Uses sensor pads that can be sewn into clothing eTextiles Uses a foot-computer interface 1 Can help those with chronic illnesses or disabilities by using sensors to take blood pressure and track heart rate, and track physical progress of muscles by recording speed, body rotation and muscle flexing Sensors allow the wearer to control devices through foot and toe gestures Can be used for gaming as well as in abnormal gait analysis • Programmable fashion, like the movement-sensing LED-lights used in the designs of Lynne Bruning :::: "eTextiles are an innovative global exploration where many of the cutting edge developers believe and support the principals of open sources and creative commons." – Lynne Bruning, award winning wearable artist and e Textile innovator STAY ON THE CUTTING EDGE WITH THE SPECIALISTS IN EMBEDDED ANDROID DEVELOPMENT SERVICES AT HUGHES SYSTIQUE TM Sources:,2817,2429861,00.asp ps://

Wearable Computing: Where Fashion Meets Function

shared by TheVisualizer on Mar 19
Looking for the scoop on next season’s must haves? Well, maybe not next season, but the idea of smart devices as fashion accessories is definitely on the horizon. Sure, we’ve all heard about Googl...


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