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Vulnerabilities of the Internet

WHAT WOULD IT REALLY TAKE TO liquid networx BREAK THE INTERNET? WE RELY ON THE INTERNET FOR EVERYTHING IN OUR DAILY LIVES. YOU'D THINK THAT IT WAS SECURE, BUT YOU'D BE WRONG. THINGS THAT HOLD IT TOGETHER & THINGS THAT COULD BREAK IT APART: INTERNET EXCHANGE POINTS UNDERWATER CABLES • Internet Exchange Points (IXP'slare where all Internet Service Providers (ISP's) interconnect. • There are over 550,000 miles of cables across the ocean floor. Where internet providers (Comcast; AT&T) exchange traffic. • They transmit 99% of international data... and they are fragile. • There are only 30 IXP's in the world. • Underwater cables are cut by: earthquakes ship's anchors > 1 Downed site would cause regional Internet outages. sharks • If all 30 went down, the Internet would be severely impaired. Sharks have been known to attack underwater Internet cables. Google has been working on a device that is a "shark repellant." CYBER ATTACKS DISTRIBUTED DENIAL OF SERVICE (DDOS): > Brute force: too many connections = overloads websites. dID > Relatively easy to coordinate attacks. ROOT NAME SERVERS > BORDER GATEWAY PROTOCOL (BGP) HIJACKING: > Think of them as a central post office. They tell web traffic where to go: ip addressest-→ domain names > BGP is essential in directing internet traffic to the right places. Maintains the Top Level Domains (TLD's) - .com, .net, .org, etc > Hackers can redirect internet traffic by changing the destination information in a County Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD's) - il (Israel), .ca (Canada), .au (Australia) router. > This enables huge amounts of data to be stolen or spied on. Traffic can also be redirected to vulnerable spots in the internet. > If hackers successfully hit root name servers, people wouldn't be able to get to websites. • Places that are easily overloaded. Businesses are left open to attack because of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) of mobile devices. • Leads to an increased rate of data loss through malware infection and hacking. MOBILITY The Luckycat campaign alone resulted in 174 million records compromised. There are more attacks on Android based mobile devices than other mobile OS. • According the the US Dept of Justice: • only 0.7% of mobile malware targets i0S • 79% target Android Cybercrime is getting crazier. Ransomware = holding systems hostage unless users pay up. $. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF THE INTERNET DIED? Almost everything we do relies directly on the Internet electrical systems public utilities communications banking $$$$ healthcare shipping military modes of transport +. Scary thought: we don't even know how much of modern life is dependent on the Internet CREDIT CARD / ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS SIGNIFICANTLY LIMITED 1234 5678 9101 1121 COMMUNICATION LOGISTICS WOULD POTENTIAL FOR FUEL DELIVERY AND SUPPLY DISRUPTION SLOW DOWN FLEET DELIVERIES PERSONAL AND MUNICIPAL COMMUNICATIONS INTERRUPTED SOURCES: %24

Vulnerabilities of the Internet

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