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This vs That: The Pulse of a Do-Engine

A maluuba - A glance at what Maluuba users are asking for THIS vs. THAT VS. Since our launch at TechCrunch Disrupt 2012, we've had an incredible growth in users, received great reviews from TechCrunch, CNet, LifeHacker and have been given shout- outs by numerous tech blogs. As we work towards developing an app that you just can't live without, we encourage you to recommend us to all your friends and stake your claim as the tech-savvy guy or gal who found Maluuba first! We recently hit over 1,000,000 requests! To celebrate, we thought it'd be fun to nerd it up and share some data about what people are asking Maluuba. In case you were wondering, privacy is very important to Maluuba, so rest assured, all this data is anonymized and viewed as an aggregate - every user's information is kept private. II RESTAURANTS Getting hungry? Ask Maluuba what's around and read the menus before letting your stomach make the decision. In the battle of pizza vs. sushi, more of our users were looking for za. Cheese always wins. PIZZA SUSHI 36% 64% WEATHER What's more annoying: carrying an umbrella on a grey day turned sunny or being stuck on the streets in the pouring rain? More users were concerned about the rain, which makes sense since bright sunny days aren't very subtle. RAIN SUNNY 27% 73% E MOVIES Showtimes and reviews are a tap away with Maluuba's movie section. In a shocking upset, more people wanted to see The Amazing Spider-Man than The Dark Knight Rises. Smells like Marvel fanboys around here.. BATMAN 33% 67% SPIDERMAN J MUSIC Accessing a tune to drown out some noise or pump you up is super simple. Ask Maluuba for your favourite song and you'll be rocking out in seconds. Justin Bieber vs. Taylor Swift? More users are searching for The Biebs - gotta be the hair. I be JUSTIN BIEBER WE ARE NEVER 45% Baby s Babraby EVER EVER GETTING BACK 55% TOGETHER TAYLOR SWIFT KNOWLEDGE Like the man behind the curtain, Maluuba knows all. To mirror the 2012 US Presidential Election, we ran Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney and it's pretty clear who they were asking more about. Here's to Maluuba moving "Forward" along with Obama! ROMNEY OBAMA 13% 87% **** SEARCH At Maluuba, we hope to revolutionize the way you search, whether it's Google, Amazon, or YouTube. We mined the data and discovered that slightly more users were searching for videos than images. Two words: Dragon Baby. 44% 56% IMAGES YOUTUBE Brought to you by Download this free Android app at: A maluuba

This vs That: The Pulse of a Do-Engine

shared by infographic@dre... on Nov 21
After we received 1,000,000 unique queries we decided to post a comparison infographic of aggregated searches by our users.




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