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VoIP: the world of a growing technology

Unlimited Calls, Better Features, VolP: HUGE COST SAVINGS! Comparison SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS VS VolP Phone Service O Traditional Office Phone Service TENDER 6 Pricing Significant Savings of Over 60% at Just $20 Per User Monthly Cost Expensive at $35-$45 Per Line Monthly Cost Plus Hardware LEGAL LEGAL Minutes Unlimited Nationwide Calling (Inbound and Outbound Calls) Additional Pricing for Long Distance Minutes and Extra Features BIG SAVINGS TENDER LEGAL X Setup No Setup Fees / Plug and Go Setup Fees / IT Specialist Required BIG SAVINGS TENDER BIG SAVINGS Contract Long-Term Contracts With Early Termination Fees No Contract Required BIG SAVINGS FACT Because of the advanced functions offered by VolP, staff productivity and customer responsiveness is improved, translating into increased profits and revenue. What is VolP? VolP (n) - Acronym for "Voice over Internet Protocol": a technology or set of standards for delivery of telephone calls and other voice communications over the Internet, involving conversion of analog voice signals to digital form. (Also known as: Internet telephony, IP telephony, broadband telephony.) VolP technology converts the voice signal into a digital signal that can travel over the Internet, making both and local and international calls more cost efficient. Brief VolP History 1973 Voice over Internet Protocol transmission began in as a result of the experimental Network Voice Protocol invented for ARPANET. Arpanet Alon Cohen and Lior Haramaty form VocalTec and are attributed to the invention and patent of the first VolP audio transceiver. 1989 1991 First VolP application, Speak Freely, is released as public domain in. It's originally written by John Walker and further developed by Brian C. Wiles. VocalTec releases "VocalTec Internet Phone", the first commercial Internet phone software. 1995 VocalTec 1998 VolP traffic over the Internet has grown to represent about 1% of all voice. traffic in the United States. skype Skype launches it's beta software and quickly establishes itself as the standard for Internet voice communications. 2003 2004 Mass market VolP telephony began with the introduction of VolP calling plans, making digital calling more conventional. 0ON01110 VolP Stats 10m0010011001000110 011011000111001 35% of adult Americans who own ..... VOIP a tablet and a smartphone have VolP apps. of the global online population 14% have audio conversations via the Internet. of American adult internet 24% users have placed phone calls online. Skype grew its registered user base from 474 million to 663 million in 2010. Benefits of VolP Rich Features VolP provides rich features like "click-to-call" on a web page, Find-Me-Follow-ME (the ability to receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence), selective call forwarding, simultaneous rings on multiple phones, selective area or country code, and much more. Phone Portability VolP provides number mobility: The phone device can use the same number virtually everywhere as long as it has proper IP connectivity. Many business people today bring their IP phones or VolP enabled devices when traveling, and use the same numbers everywhere. Service Mobility Wherever the phone goes, the same services could be available, such as call features, voicemail access, call logs, security features, service policy, and so on. Cost Savings The most attractive feature of VolP is it's cost-saving potential. Since VolP service area is virtualized and without geographical limit, international calls aren't subject to the same charges that traditional landlines are. REFERENCES BROUGHT TO YOU BY: rVoIP INFOGRAPHIC CREATED BY: CUSTOMER MAGNETISM digital marketing agency

VoIP: the world of a growing technology

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We all experience that dread that comes along with contracts, and 2-year commitments, as well as really expensive contracts that don’t really serve a purpose. However, technology that began in 1973...


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