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VoIP Predictions in year 2015

10 PREDICTIONS OF VỚP N 2015 Residential user features were derived from Enterprise Introduction solutions Mobile apps, First introduced in the year 2008, by owners of the mobile operating system App App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App world In 2009, David Pogue said that newer smartphones could be nicknamed "app phones" to distinguish less-sophisticated smartphones them from earlier Became Popular in 2010 Listed as "Word of the Year" by American Dialect Society Now you need more, What to expect this year from VolP Service Providers As most of the features you receive now was once enterprise level solution So here are the predictions which you can expect in the year 2015 from Enterprise solution to Residential user. David Pogue Prediction #1: HD Voice Clearer, sharper and more lifelike communication experience How HD Voice is Benefiting Enterprises TITLE/SURECT: SIDE 1. Clearer overall sound quality 2. Simpler to recognize voices ME HD Quality Audio Tape Cassette HighO owN C-90 3. Easier understanding of words 4. understand the faint talker on conference more productivity and lower fatigue on business calls 6. Easy distinguishing of caller and background ambient noise 5. Prediction #2: Analyst Alert A warning system which will monitor your calls and will alert you by email whenever the cost thresholds the preset. How Analyst Alert is Benefiting Enterprises 1. Trims down charges Enhances clarity 2. 3. Fraud & misuse identification 4. Access & download Prediction #3: Call Discounts Integrate all your call services and cut down the cost for a better value. How Call Discounts is Benefiting Enterprises 1. Cheaper calls 2. Price simplification Prediction #4: Audio, Video, & Web Conferencing - Collaboration of Services Not only make audio calls but also make audio, video, and web conferencing when you make VolP calls. How Collaboration of Services is Benefiting Enterprises 1. Increase in agility 2. Instant decision making 3. Enhances productivity 4. Trims down expenses Prediction #5: Domestic & International calls - Collaboration of Services TELEPHONE Integrating all you domestic calls and international calls under a single convenient service provider. How Collaboration of Calls has benefited an Enterprise 1. Cost-effectiveness 2. Simplification 3. Convenience 4. Enhanced efficiency 5. Call barring 6. Number porting Prediction #6: Secure Messaging Exchange of messages which are secure and reliable with the introduction of Public/Private Key encryption. Application of Secure Messaging in Enterprises 1. Bank transactions and bank-to-corporate 2. Settlement operations and post trade clearing 3. Payment processing 4. Service delivery via Bank 5. Market regulators reporting Prediction #7: Usage Tracker Track your usage at ease How Usage Tracker helps Enterprises 1. Cost-effective 2. Identification of Fraud 3. Identify the unusual calling pattern without the help of the representative 4. Alerts to the employee who is making the call 5. Easy checking of spend breakdown for each handset Prediction #8: Hybrid VPN Reliable and cost-effective access to virtual private networks How Hybrid VPN benefits the Enterprise? 1. Fasting linking 2. Back up 3. Cost-effectiveness 4. Simpler management Prediction #9: Inbound Analyst Improves the experience with customers & customer support team How Inbound Analyst benefits the Enterprise? 1. Enhances the activities in telemarketing 2. Improvement in customer service 3. Effective data display 4. Recognition of issues 5. Regional data Prediction #10: Not just Mobile Apps, may be a Featured line A featured line with handy call management features at monthly rates How Feature Line benefits the Enterprise 1. Lower call rates 2. Easy set up 3. Added Features tags along 4. 24/7 support 5. Network growth Prediction #11: Control 'Kith & Kin' Accounts Your kith & kin stay connected whenever they want, and you control their VolP spending ON Benefits for Enterprises When it comes to Enterprise level the name and its features is augmented 1. Stay connected everywhere OFF 2. Cost control 3. Secure application Reference: 1. Wikipedia - | 2. BT Global Services - 3. Ringtolndia Blog - | 4. Martin Hingley SlideShare - 5. IPSmarx Communication Solutions - | 6. Statista - 7. - | 8. BT Plc - C-

VoIP Predictions in year 2015

shared by hobbes.ssujith on Mar 04
Prediction #1: HD Voice Prediction #2: Analyst Alert Prediction #3: Call Discounts Prediction #4: Audio, Video, & Web Conferencing – Collaboration of Services Prediction #5: Domestic & International...



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