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VoIP, Net Neutrality, and the FCC

Know Your Facts: VOIP, NET NEUTRALITY, AND THE FCC FACT 1 FACT 2 Net Neutrality is the principle that the internet should be open and equal to all users. This year, the courts ruled in favor of faster broadband lanes for companies willing to pay more. THESE FACTS DON'T SEEM TO GET ALONG. "Network neutrality is best defined as a network design principle. The idea is that a maximally useful public information network aspires to treat all content, sites, and platforms equally." "One of the most important features of the Internet is its openness: It uses free, publicly available standards that anyone can access and build to, and it treats all traffic that flows across the network in roughly the same way." FC TIM WU FCC FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION The media law professor FCC regulates interstate and international radio, from Columbia University who coined the term Net Neutrality in 2003. TV, wire, and cable communications. THE OPEN INTERNET ORDER THE OPEN INTERNET ORDER WAS PASSED BY THE FCC IN 2010 TO ENFORCE NET NEUTRALITY. THE GUIDELINES AND RESTRICTIONS APPLY TO: INTERNET FOR INTERNET FOR COMPANIES PRIVATE RESIDENCES WIFI FOR SMARTPHONES "FIXED" "MOBILE" BROADBAND PROVIDERS BROADBAND PROVIDERS Rule #1 TRANSPARENCY BROADBAND PROVIDERS MUST DISCLOSE ACCURATE INFORMATION REGARDING: Mbps Commercial Terms of Their Broadband Access Performance Network Management Practices Rule #2 NO BLOCKING THIS FORBIDS FIXED BROADBAND PROVIDERS FROM BLOCKING... Services Access to devices Content Applications .AND MOBILE BROADBAND PROVIDERS FROM BLOCKING ACCESS TO Competing applications Competing telephony services Websites All of this is provided that the content is not illegal or harmful, and subject to reasonable network management such as.. Ensuring Network Security and Integrity Addressing traffic that is unwanted by Reducing the effects of network congestion users Rule #3 NO DISCRIMINATION (FIXED BROADBAND ONLY) PROVIDERS SHALL NOT UNREASONABLY DISCRIMINATE IN TRANSMITTING LAWFUL NETWORK TRAFFIC OVER A CONSUMER'S BROADBAND INTERNET ACCESS SERVICE. The FCC did not extend this restriction to Mobile providers because the mobile market is... More rapidly evolving Facing lower network speeds and penetration And Has Higher Network Constraints More competitive CHANGES IN NET NEUTRALITY In 2012, Verizon challenged the Open Internet Order on the grounds that... 1. The FCC lacked affirmative statutory authority to make the rules. 2. The decision was arbitrary and capricious. 3. The rules violate provisions which prohibit the FCC from treating broadband providers as common carriers. The FCC tried to defend Net Neutrality, arguing that providers could use their power to benefit themselves at the expense of... M Edge providers Unaffiliated End users businesses Yet on May 15, 2014, the US Court of Appeals decided that the FCC overstepped its bounds and granted ISPS the freedom to... 1. Negotiate individual deals with internet sites and content providers. 2. Charge premiums for content delivery. HOW THIS AFFECTS BUSINESS The Loss of Net Neutrality means... SALE SMALL BUSINESSES WILL HAVE YET ANOTHER DISADVANTAGE IN COMPETING WITH CORPORATE GIANTS Increased rates for bandwidth will transfer to increased rates for service. This will all come %3D %D down on the consumers! SALE SPEED IS MONEY A1 second delay in page load time can cause... 7% 11% 16% PV decrease in drop in conversion fewer page views customer rate! satisfaction HOW THIS AFFECTS VOIP Voice over Internet Protocol (VolP) technology is driven by data-packets that are transferred across the web at high speeds from phone to phone. SLOWER BANDWIDTH MEANS: Decrease in voice quality Less feature availability More dropped calls A Errors in Metadata Delayed actions WHAT YOU CAN DO JOIN THE REVOLUTION! OCCUPY-STYLE PROTESTS HAVE BEEN GOING ON OUTSIDE FCC HEADQUARTERS SINCE 2011 The FCC opened their site for comments and the people are speaking out! By the start of July, they'd received over 65,000 COMMENTS The traffic crashed the FCC server several times. THE FCC DOCKET IS ACCEPTING PUBLIC COMMENTS THROUGH SEPTEMBER 10 Want To Lend Your Voice to the Cause? Here's How: Prepare your comments in a Word Document Go to Enter 1428 into the "Proceeding Number" 1428 I Click "Submit a Filing" CHANGE OF ADDRESS Enter COMMENT Your Name COMPLAINT Make sure you have "comment" as the filing type under the "details" section. Under "Documents" select "Browse" Enter Browse... Your Address. Upload your dọc with all of your comments and confirm! Voice Your Support for VolP and Net Neutrality! SOURCES BROUGHT TO YOU BY BUSINESS WITHOUT BORDERS oftheinternet/ arepushingbackonthefcc/ Gryffin media. 00532062/$file/1113551474943.pdf

VoIP, Net Neutrality, and the FCC

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Learn how allowing wealthier companies to pay for faster broadband directly contradicts Net Neutrality - and what you can do to help.


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