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VoIP Emerges as the Most Preferred Voice Communication Technology of the New Millennium.

VolP Emerges as the Most PreferredVoice Communication Technology of the New Millennium. VOIR considered to be the next big thing in the world of voice transmíssion technology. et the preliminary level most VolP makes use of a data network to transmit voice between two points. Cable/DSL Modem PC with Internet capabilities Digital Phone Adapter Telephone Devices with internet capabilities Internet PC with Internet capabilities Telephone Devices with internet capabilities 1970's It is important to note here that VolP has its origin way back in the early 1970s. Since the year 2000, the number of VolP users have increased dramatically. 1973 The first ever VolP call was made in the year 1973 for voice based communication between two computer users located in different locations. Though this basic application still remains, VolP has experienced significant developments to become a comprehensive telephone network. 1996 nextiva SIMPLIFYING BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Nextiva became the first ever company to release advanced hosted VolP phone services to small and midsize companies. With state-of-art tech- nology as the platform, Amazing Service™. Voip Market Following the footsteps of Nextiva, different other companies started to enter the VolP market. This is the time when the expansion of broadband took place, helping the cause for VOIP telephony by reduction of latency issues and improvement of call quality. by the 2000 3% more than end of VolP accounted for more than 3% of total calls made throughout the United States. The next decade saw an extraordinary growth of VolP in the global perspective with the release of free SWITCH open source software in 2006. The trend of replacements of landline phones with VolP became a common picture in the US telecom market very soon. 2012 A recent study suggests that by the end of year over 30 million US households had started using VOIP as their only home phone line. The global user base of VolP reached close to a staggering 300 million by the year 2009. Success Experts feel that the groundbreaking success of VolP over the last couple of decades is because of the cheap voice calling service that it offers. Some of the leading VolP service providers have calling service plans for even less than $410 per month. VolP service providers are able to offer such lucrative price because they utilize the internet for the transfer of voice signals to the phones of their customers from their own network. The Future VolP telephony appears to be as promising as its glorious past. Latest innovation in this technology is the introduction of VolP in cell phones. Many similar, user friendly technologies based on VolP already exists, and are expected to gain momentum in the years to come.

VoIP Emerges as the Most Preferred Voice Communication Technology of the New Millennium.

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VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is being considered to be the next big thing in the world.




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