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A Visual Guide to How Consumers Use Mobile Phones

A Visual Guide to How Consumers Use Mobile Phones Mobile Phone Usage is Constantly Changing hello Consumer Interests and Demographics Determine What Developers Will Focus On Smartphone Usage by Agê Group 33% of all ages have smartphones O to 7 8 to 13 14 to 17 18 to 34 35 to 70 14-17 year olds are the least likely to have smartphones 48% of 18-34 year olds have smartphones 55% of 18-24 year olds have smartphones 29% of all ages have Internet on their phones 37% of smartphone owners have data plans 5% of people have a tablet 2% of people have a tablet conencted to a Tablet USAGE cellular network tablet user favorite mobile ACTIVITIES Use Text Take Download Pictures Apps Messaging with Mobile 100% 90% + 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% F 10% 25% of downloaded apps are purchased (not free) The average person has 12 apps 56% have 76% have YouTube apps weather apps You Tube 69% have social network apps VA 61% have GPS apps 13% of GPS users report that they would provide demographic information to app developers to receive a free navigational app 52% have game apps Popular games include Arcade Casino Games Action Puzzles Games Games 2-D Barcodes Growth 2-D Barcodes Have Unlimited Potential, and Consumers Are Eager to See Future Developments Consumers Quickly Implemented 2-D Barcodes B 10% of people have used 2-D barcodes 45% of mobile users People report using 2-D barcodes on are aware of 2-D Barcodes 14% on 22% on Magazines & Newspapers Products 14% on 14% on Grocery Items BBM Contact Barcodes People show interest in these future barcodes Would like to instantly 24% access coupons 23% Would like to gain additional product information from barcodes 20% Would like to access product reviews or ratings Would like additional information from 16% third-party sources, such as newspapers or Wikipedia ....S Consumer Fear of Mobile Banking & Payments Mobile Banking Security Remains the Largest Issue with Growth in This Industry The #1 Concern After Losing a Smartphone is Fear of Identity Theft 78% of People Refuse to Using Banking Apps Smartphone Users and Most people who use mobile banking ONLY PAY FOR SERVICES OR PRODUCTS छि Banking (rather than checking balances and paying bills) Of the 78% of non -users... Fear identity theft Fear fraud 6% Have privacy concerns 9% Have Security concerns 31% Mobile Users Interest in New Services Mobile Users Have Insightful Ideas About Future Developments Many Mobile Owners Want Greater Flexibility of Services from Developers Discount Desired Cell You've Got SAVINGS! Digital Coupon Clipping Phone Abilities 18% of mobile users would like to swipe a mobile as a credit card COUPON 12% of mobile at checkout Save 50% owners would like to receive coupons on their phones Stored on phones rather than physically carried SV% 10% would like coupon apps 31% Membership cards 29% Transit passes Resto 25% Gift cards 29% are interested in geo-coordinated coupons $100 27% Loyalty Rewards Cards Donations from Mobile Phones $100 Text Donations Allow $5 or $10 Contributions, But Most Would Like to Give More. $20 $50 Donors Would Contribute More Frequently if Instructions Were Clearer People Are Eager to Donate SMS 6% have donated via texting TV & Radio are the leading sources that prompted mobile users to donate Donate PLEASE... Donate Now! 12% would donate via texting if they knew how. TV Generosity of Mobile Users 89% would donate more than the current maximum of $10 Donating. 75% would give $20 or more Donating. 32% would give $50 or Donating more 59% would donate more if $100 $100 additional information about the cause were given 52% would appreciate reminders & instructions $100 S100 on obtaining receipts 20 40 60 80 100

A Visual Guide to How Consumers Use Mobile Phones

shared by mattrawlings46 on Sep 28
Each person uses his or her mobile phone differently; some of us use cell phones to shop online, buy movie tickets, check game scores, and email colleagues, while others buy the latest smartphones onl...


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