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Visual Collaboration Saves the Environment - Let me count the ways...

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint with Visual Collaboration 30% Business costs (time/expense) TOP REASONS ORGANIZATIONS CHOOSE TO FLY LESS: 26% Greater use of video/tele-conferencing 21% Climate change policies 20% Changes in business/business need 12% Reduction in carbon emissions Source: 2008 World Wild fe Fund Report produces nearly 1,250 kg (2,750 lbs) of CO, HP VISUAL COLLABORATION SAVES: Source: HP Global CNzenship Roport May 2010 Within one 36-month period, HPVC allowed HP and its customers to save One round trip from New York to London for one person That's like eliminating 143,818 NY-London flights 174,956 TONNES OF CO, that would have been generated had the meetings taken place in person. DEMAND FOR ENERGY IS RISING: 1.8 BILLION PEOPLE added to the population by 2035 will contribute to rising world demand for energy Projected world energy-related carbon dioxide 43% Forecast for world 49% energy consumption growth (2007-2035) emissions increase Source: lernational Energy Outlook 201O, US. Energy information Administrotion (EA), June 2010) Source: US. Enorgy Information Adminiatration (EA) Sovrce: nternationol Energy Oulook Information Administation (EIAL June 2010 2010, US. Energy CREATING OPPORTUNITIES TO USE IT TO INCREASE ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND DELIVER LOW-CARBON SOLUTIONS 69% of worldwide IT leaders cite reducing energy costs as the top motivation for pursuing If U.S. and UK companies with more than $1 billion in revenue used visual collaboration solutions, the reduction in CO, emissions from reduced travel would be equivalent to removing green IT 1 MILLION CARS from the road Source: Marlet Overview The Recession Donts Groen 's Globol Momentum," Forrestes July l6, 2009 Source: Carbon Disclosure Project Study 2010: The Telepresence Revolution 2010 Courtesy: HP Visual Collaboration DD

Visual Collaboration Saves the Environment - Let me count the ways...

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Companies around the globe are increasing their focus on environmental sustainability and looking for new ways to be more environmentally responsible. The companies turning to visual collaboration and...




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