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Vehicle Speed Compared

VEHICLE SPEED COMPARED X-Wing Starfighter Primary All-Purpose Starfighter of the Rebel Alliance Arwing From Starfox 653MPH (In Atmosphere) Starship Enterprise WARP 11 (Infinite Speed) 3,197MPH SPEED IS PRETTY DAMN FUN. Ask Andy Green who piloted the ThrustSSC as it drove faster than the speed of sound and set the World Land Speed Record. Or you could just look at the grin Speed Racer brandishes every time he hops in the Mach 5. We may never be able to drive whips as fast as these two but at least we can imagine. Here is a selection of cool vehicles (and one man) taken from pop culture and history lined up so you can see how their maximum speed fares against each other. Boeing 747 Fastest Operating Commercial Airplane 605MPH X-15 Fastest Manned Aircraft Stealth Bomber Goodyear Blimp Millenium Falcon 683MPH 4,520MPH 53MPH 652MPH (In Atmosphere) Wright Brother's Airplane 30MPH The Titanic Red October 24MPH 31MPH M1 Abrams Main US Battle Tank 42MPH Bullet Train Shinkansen High-Speed Railway in Japan Ferrari Enzo Usain Bolt 100m record holder Optimus Prime Leader of the Autobots 217MPH 23.35MPH 130MPH 361MPH ThrustsSC Holds Current Land Speed Record The Batmobile Armor Plating, Jet Engine & Front Mounted Dual .50 Caliber Machine Guns 1908 Ford Model T 763MPH 45MPH Doc Brown's Delorean 140MPH 220MPH 7000 BC Flintmobile Fred Flintstone's car 11MPH (Downhill) Warthog From Halo Series BUB Streamliner 'Seven' Fastest Motorcycle 72MPH K.I.T.T. Driven by David Hasselhoff 385MPH Mach Five Speed Racer's Car 258MPH 203MPH The Ecto-1 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor featured in Ghostbusters Lunar Rover (Moon Buggy) 8MPH 1975 Yamaha Silverbird First bike to break 300mph Kawasaki ZX-14 90MPH 215MPH 303MPH

Vehicle Speed Compared

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In this infographic TravelInsurance. org takes vehicles old and new and compares their speeds. From boats to planes to cars, this infographic tells how many miles per hour each vehicle goes.


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