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The Ups And Downs Of Being A Web Designer - Snakes

47 50 You're finished! Give yourself a big pat on the back! Web Design 43 44 45 46 48 49 Disastert Your After hardly any sleep you drink 5 coffees and suddenly teel awake. Roll again Your client sends you A corrupted lile and you get a virus Go to 40 computer crashes which sets you back a few houre. e Go to 22 End. Snakes & ladders 42 BK basekit 34 35 Your client sends you some images to use but thny are tar too small At Basekit we have prepared our very own version of the nostalgic childhood game Snakes and Ladders. However, this is no ordinary game - It's especially for web designers! Make your way around our board which is designed to reflect the trials and tribulations of a web designer's life. 36 37 Your project has been ap proved by your cliont and you junt need to make some tiny changes. Go to 47 38 41 Go to 31 39 40 33 Simply roll the dice and move along the squares, Climb the ladders to success, slide down the snakes when your client is being difficult or wait patiently for your next turn. Will you make it to the end? There's only one way to find out. Good luck! 32 BK Learning 30 Your client is s0 happy with how the project is going that they take you out 26 27 31 28 Bad newe! You've e-mailed the draft to 29 You find some Lusoful web design articles. Il's just the 25 inspiration you were looking for! Go to 41. your clent and they dont ike the colours you have used Miss a turn for dinner, Go to 35 24 Result! Your client absolutely koves the draft. 13 Roll again 14 15 progreest You complete the changes in your lirst draft and even have time to get somo sleep Go to 33 !@#*&? Comic Sans! Oh no! Your client is late BK 16 17 paying you your first advance 18 19 20 Solution! You start You spend hours and hours of Go to 9 21 23 Oh no! Your client has come back precious time trying to code. Go to 8 n 22 and wants you to change the font to Comic Sans. using a webeite builder and instantiy save hours of time. . 12 Go to 45 Go to 3 a BRIEF 11 6 10 Start Your initial design is looking good and the client has given it the thumbe up! Go to 19 You are missing information from your client to finish the draft Good news! You've You have just received the briet from your client. just received your linst advance. Go to 31 Miss a turn 2$ f TeamBasek E ebasekt BaseK

The Ups And Downs Of Being A Web Designer - Snakes

shared by basekit on Sep 12
Who would have thought that the trials and tribulations of being a web designer could be related to a board game? With our nostalgic web design version of Snakes and Ladders it’s so easy to go back ...


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