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United States Frequency Allocations

70 3. Fixed MARITIME MOBILE FIXED MARITIME MARITIME Aeronautical MARITIME MOBILE FIXED MOBILE UNITED MOBILE Mobile FIXED MARITIME NOT ALLOCATED RADIONAVIGATION FIXED MOBILE MARITIME AERONAUTICAL FIXED FIXED FIXED MARITIME MOBILE MOBILE RADIONAVIGATION Radiolocation Radiolocation 3 kHz 300 kHz STATES MOBILE MOBILE FIXED Aeronautical Radionavigation (radiobeacons) AERONAUTICAL Aeronautical RADIONAVIGATION Radionavigation (radiobeacons) BROADCASTING MOBILE MOBILE MOBILE (AM RADIO) except aeronautical mobile except aeronautical mobile BROADCASTING MARITIME Aeronautical Maritime RADIONAVIGATION (radiobeacons) Mobile Mobile RADIO- LOCATION FIXED FREQUENCY FIXED Non-Federal Travelers Information Stations (TIS), a mobile service, are authorized in the 535-1705 kHz band. Federal TIS operates at 1610 kHz. 300 kHz 3 MHz FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED ALLOCATIONS MARITIME MOBILE AMATEUR MOBILE except aeronautical mobile MOBILE MOBILE except aeronautical. Mobile except aeronautical mobile (R) except aeronautical mobile mobile Radiolocation (R) THE RADIO SPECTRUM ЗМHZ ISM - 6.78 +.015 MHz ISM - 13.560 +,007 MHz ISM - 27.12 ±.163 MHz 30 MHz RADIO SERVICES COLOR LEGEND MOBILE AERONAUTICAL INTER-SATELLITE RADIO ASTRONOMY MOBILE BROADCASTING AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION BROADCASTING BROADCASTING (TV CHANNELS 5-6) BROADCASTING AMATEUR (TV CHANNELS 2-4) (FM RADIO) (TV CHANNELS 7 - 13) AERONAUTICAL RADIODETERMINATION LAND MOBILE FIXED MOBILE SATELLITE SATELLITE AERONAUTICAL LAND MOBILE RADIOLOCATION RADIONAVIGATION SATELLITE 30 MHz ISM - 40.68 +.02 MHz 300 MHz AMATEUR MARITIME MOBILE RADIOLOCATION SATELLITE Se FIXED Anateur FIXED FIXED RADIOLOCATION BROADCASTING (TV CHANNELS 14. 20) MOBILE MOBILE (ine of sight only) EARTH EXPLORATION SATELLU TE (passive) MARITIME MOBILE AMATEUR SATELLITE RADIONAVIGATION AERONAUTICAL SATELLITE BROADCASTING BROADCASTING RADIONAVIGATION FIXED (TV CHANNELS 21-36) Radiolocation (TV CHANNELS 38-51) RADIO ASTRONOMY EARTH EXPLORATION SATELI TE (Earth-to-space) (space-to-space) EARTH EXPLORATION Meteorological Satellite (space-to-Earth) SATÉLUT (space-to Earth) (space to-space) BROADCASTING MARITIME RADIONAVIGATION SATELLITE MARITIME RADIONAVIGATION LAND MOBILE RADIO- SPACE RSEARCH SPACE RESEARCH (space-to-tarth) (space-to-space NAVIGATION (Eath-to-space) (space-to-space) BROADCASTING METEOROLOGICAL SPACE OPERATION SATELLITE ISM - 915.0±.13 MHz 300 MHz ISM - 2450.0±.50 MHz 3 GHz EARTH EXPLORATION METEOROLOGICAL SPACE RESEARCH SATELLITE SATELLITE 5. 67 RADIO- EARTH LOCATION EXF LORATION- EXPLORATION- SATELLITE SATELLITE FIXED (tas ue) (space-to-Earth) research FIXED-SATELLITE STANDARD FREQUENCY MOBILE** SPACE FIXED MOBILE (space-to-Earth) FIXED- AND TIME SIGNAL RESEARCH SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) Earth to space) FIXED Space 2 INTER-SATELLITE MOBILE research MOBILE STANDARD FREQUENCY AND FIXED SATELLITE MOBILE SATELLITE (adive) Radio - TIME SIGNAL SATELLITE Earth FIXED location ex ploration- RADIOLOCATION RADIOLOCATION Standard satellite frequency and time signal FIXED (active) Inter-satellite Standard frequency and time signal satellite (Earth-to-space) FIXED-SATELLITE Earth exploration - satellite (active) AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVGATION satelite (space-to- Earth) (space-to-Earth) SPACE Standard frequency and time signal satellite (Earth-to-space) RADIONAMGATION RESEARCH ACTIVITY CODE (active) 3 GHz 30 GHz GOVERNMENT EXCLUSIVE GOVERNMENT/NON-GOVERNMENT SHARED Fixed FIXED| Mobile MOBILE FIXED FIXED FIXED NON-GOVERNMENT EXCLUSIVE FIXED- FIXED FIXED SATELU TE FIXED SATELUTE MOBILE MOBILE MOBILE (space-to-Earth) MOBILE MOBILE MOBILE- ALLOCATION USAGE DESIGNATION MOBILE SATELLITE FIXED- SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) PADIO FIXED 1OCATIO (space-to-Earth) SPACE RESEARCH RADIO RADIO- RADIO- SERVICE EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION FIXED- SATELLITE (space-to- Earth) (adive) ASTRONOMY NAVIGATION LOCATION MOBILE Primary FIXED Capital Letters INTER- RADIO- LOCATION RADIO- LOCATION Space Secondary Mobile 1st Capital with lower case letters research RADIO- (space-to Earth) Radio NAVIGATION MOBILE Standard Frequency and FIXED FIXED FIXED FIXED location FIXED-SATELLITE RADIO ASTRONOMY Time Signal Satellite (space-to-Earth) śpoo: b-Eart) RADIO- Space research (active) HO BILE EIXED a MOBILE MOBILE MOBILE NAM GATI ON astronomy FIXED This chart is a graphic single-point-in-time portrayal of the Table of Frequency Allocations used by the FCC and NTIA. As such, it does not completely reflect all aspects, i.e. footnotes and recent changes made to the Table of Frequency Allocations. Therefore, for complete information, users should consult the Table to determine the current status of U.S. allocati ons. SATELLITE MOBILE SATELLITE MOBILE space-lo-Eati 30GHZ ISM - 61.25 0.25 GHz 300 GHz ISM - 122.5+0500 GHz ISM - 245.0±1 GHz U.S. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Telecommunications and Information Administration * EXCEPT AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) Office of Spectrum Management ** EXCEPT AERONAUTICAL MOBILE August 2011 PLEASE NOTE:THE SPACINGALLOTTED THE SERVICES IN THE SPECTRUM SEGMENTS SHOWN IS NOT PROPORTIONAL TO THEACTUAL AMOUNT OF SPECTRUM OCCUPIED. For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Govemment Printing Office Internet: bookstore gpogov Phone toll free (866) 512-1800, Washington, DC area (202) 512-1800 Facsimile: (202) 512-2250 Mail: Stop SSOP, Washington, DC 20402-0001 9'0E 30.56 3.0 FIXED MOBILE 00E 0'00€ AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) O'E MARITIME RADIONAVIGATION MOBILE- SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) FIXED - RADIOLOCATION Radiolocation FIXED MOBILE SATELLITE 3.1 3.155 (Earth-to-space) MOBILE 9'878 FIXED LAND MOBILE FIXED 31.0 RADIOLOCATION Radiolocation AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION except aeronautical mobile (R) FIXED MOBILE 335.4 3.23 31.3 3.3 32.0 FIXED MOBILE SPACE RESEARCH EARTH RADIO ASTRONOMY EXPLORATION- SATTELLITE (passive) Radiolocation Radiolocation Amateur 399.9 FIXED MOBILE 325 (aniSsed) RADIONAVIGATION MOBILE SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) Maritime Radionavigation (radiobeacons) AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION 31.8 RADIONAVIGATION SATELLITE Aeronautical Mobile SPACE RESEAROCH 3.5 400.05 33.0 (deep space)(space-to-Earth) AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION (ground based) 32.3 STANDARD FREQUECYAND TIME SIGNAL - SATELLITE 3.4 (radiobeacons) 335 RADIOLOCATION Radiolocation (400.1 MHz) FIXED RADIONAVIGATION INTER-SATELLITE 400.15 LAND MOBILE AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (apuo sopey) SAT (S-E) SPACE RES. Space Opn (S-E) MET SAT. (S EY MOBILE (R) MET AIDS AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION FIXED SATELLITE 33.0 RADIOLOCATION Radiolo cation (as) 401.0 34.0 3.5 (space-to-Earth) RADIONAVIGATION (pa seg puno 16) 3.65 EARTH Met Satellite Earth Expl Sat 33.4 MET AIDS SPACE OPN. MET SAT (s 3) 402.0 FIXED MOBILE MOBILE** FIXED-SATELUTE FIXED SAT (E-S) RADIOLOCATION (apuosopey) Radiolocation (space-to-Earth) 3.7 35.0 MET-SAT. (ES) (apuo soipeg) METEOROLOGICAL AIDS (RADIOSONDE) EARTH EXPL Earth Expl Sat (E-S) MET. AIDS Met Satelite. 34.2 Space research (deep space) (Earth-to-space) Radio- RADIO (sa) 403.0 SPACE RESEARCH location (deep space) (Earth-to-space)| LOCATION FIXED LAND MOBILE 34.7 406.0 RADIOLOCATION Radiolocation MOBILE SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) 35.5 406.1 RADIO ASTRONOMY Earth 0'9 EARTH FIXED MOBILE EXPLORAT ION- 410.0 FIXED MOBILE sattellite (active) SATTELUTE (active) FIXED SPA CE RESEARCH (space-to-space) SPACE EARTH EXPLORATION - MOBILE 37.0 FIXED MOBILE RESEARCH SATELLITE 420.0 LAND MOBILE (passive) (passive) 37.0 37.5 Radio astronomy MOBILE FIXED SPACE RESEARCH FIXED-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) Amateur LAND MOBILE (space-to-Earth) 37.5 RADIOLOCATION 38.0 RADIO ASTRONOMY MOBILE FIXED SPACE RESEARCH (space-to-Earth) MOBILE FIXED 38.25 450.0 FIXED MOBILE FIXED MARITIME MOBILE 405 LAND MOBILE 4.063 454.0 39.0 Aeronautical Mobile RADIONAVIGATION MOBILE FIXED FIXED-SATELLITE FIXED LAND MOBILE LAND MOBILE 415 (space-to-Earth) 455.0 4.2 LAND MOBILE 9'88 456.0 AERONAUTICAL MARITIME MOBILE FIXED-SATELLITE FIXED FIXED LAND MOBILE (space-to-Earth) 460.0 FIXED MOBILE RADIONAVIGATION MOBILE 39.5 AERONAUTICAL LAND MOBILE FIXED 462.5375 435 FIXED-SATELLITE MOBIL-ESATE LLITE MOBILE FIXED RADIONAVIGATION LAND MOBILE (space-to-Earth) 462.7375 42.0 (space-to-Earth) LAND MOBILE FIXED 467.5375 Earth exploration satellite (space-to-Earth) EARTH EXPLORATION 4.4 LAND MOBILE 467.7375 SATELLITE (80eds-01-uuea) 40.5 FIXED MOBILE LAND MOBILE FIXED FIXED LAND MOBILE 4.438 470.0 4.5 MOBILE BROADCASTING- SATELLITE FIXED BROADCASTING except aeronautical mobile (R) 41.0 69' 4.65 FIXED SATELLLTE (space-to-Earth) BROADCASTING- SATELLITE AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) BROADCASTING LAND MOBILE 512.0 L'7 42.0 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) BROADCASTING SATELUTE BROADCASTING MOBILE FIXED 4.8 4.75 42.5 MOBILE FIXED-SATELLI TE 9'9 FIXED RADIO ASTRONOMY MOBILE** FIXED FIXED FIXED MOBILE 495 43.5 4.94 47.0 except aeronautical mobile (R) 4.85 (ced-q-HIHA) MOBILE (distress and c alling) MOBLE-SATELLUITE (Earth-to-space) FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) FIXED MOBILE* 45.5 MOBILE SATELLUTE (Earth-to-space) MOBILE 4.99 FIXED MOBILE 505 RADI ONAM GATION- SATELUTE MARITIME MOBILE Space Research (Passive) 5.0 RADIO ASTRONOMY LAND MOBILE 510 4.995 RADIO- NAM GATION- SATELLITE 696 MOBILE-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) RADIONAVGATION-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) STANDARD FREQUENCYAND TIME SIGNAL (5 MHz) MOBILE FIXED AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION 5.005 AERONAUTICAL MARITIME MOBILE 5.01 FIXED RADIONAVIGATION 9'66 50.0 AMATEUR-SATELLITE RADIONAVIGATION-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth)(space-to-space) AMATEUR (ships only) AERONAUTICAL RADIO NAVIGATION FIXED MOBILE TLb 48.2 90'S (radiobeacons) FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) MOBILE FIXED 5.03 525 FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) MOBILE FIXED AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION MOBILE AERONAUTI CAL RADIONAVIGATIION 50.2 SPACE RESEARCH 5.15 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE (passive) AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION FIXED-SATELLITE 535 (aASsed) MOBILE-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) 50.4 (Earth-to-space) 5.25 5.45 FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) 51.4 RADIOLOCATION 54.0 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) LAND MOBILE (medical telemetry and medical telecommandi O'809 MOBILE FIXED RADIO ASTRONOMY 9'7 54.25 614.0 89'S 5.73 EARTH EXPLORATI ON-SATELLITE (passive) SPACE RESEARCH (passive) 5.255 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) SPACE RESEARCH INTER- SATELLITE EARTH EXPLO RATION-SATELLITE (passive) 55.78 RADIOLOCATION (anıssed) INTER- EARTH EXPLO RATION-SATELLITE (passive) MOBILE FIXED MOBILE SATELLITE SPACE RESEARCH (passive) except aeronautical mobile (R) 5.59 5.35 EARTHEXPLORATION- SATELUTE(passive) INTER- SATELLITE 57.0 BROADCASTING SPACE RESEARCH (passive) INTER- EARTH EXPLORATION-SATELLITE (passive) SATELLITE 6.2 14 SPACE RESEARCH (passive) 58.2 SPACE EARTH EXPLORATION- RESEARCH SATELUTE (passive) MARITIME MOBILE (passive) 59.0 5.47 698.0 EARTH EXPLORATION-SAT ELLITE (passive) RADIO LOCATION INTER- SATELLITE MARITIME RADIONAVIGATION BROADCASTING SPACE RESEARCH (passive) FIXED MOBILE 6.525 59.3 (TV CHANNELS 52-61) 763.0 RADIOLOCATION AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) INTER- MOBILE FIXED RADIOLOCATION SATELLITE 5.57 FIXED MOBILE 6.85 RADIOLOCATION MARITIME RADIONAVIGATION 9'. 5.65 775.0 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) INTER- SATELLITE MARITIME RADIONAVIGATION METEOROLOGICAL 6.765 RADI OLOCATION MOBILE** FIXED 65.0 RADIOLOCATION Amateur FIXED MOBILE BROADCASTING MOBILE 5.83 FIXED EARTHEXPLORATION-SATELLITE INTER- Amateur-satellite 793.0 except aeronautical mobile (R) MOBILE ** FIXED RADIOLOCATION Amateur SPACE RESEARCH SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) 5.85 FIXED MOBILE 7.0 FIXED-SATELLITE 0'99 Amateur AMATEUR AMATEUR SATELLITE RADIOLOCATION MOBILE RADIO NAVIGATION MOBILE- INTER- (Earth-to-space) FIXED SATELLITE MOBILE 5.925 805.0 NAMGATION- SATELLITE SATELLITE SATELLITE FIXED 71.0 (Earth-to-space) FIXED MOBILE BROADCASTING 6.425 FIXED-SATELLITE MOBILE AMATEUR 19.95 (Earth-to-space) LAND MOBILE 0'908 6.525 STANDARD FREQUENCY AND TIME SIGNAL (20 kHz) 0'608 849.0 FIXED-SATELLITE FIXED FIXED LAND MOBILE 72.0 (Earth-to-space) FIXED-SATELUTE (Earth-to-space)(space-to-Earth) FIXED MOBILE 7.3 O'40 20.05 BROADCASTING FIXED AERONAUTICAL MOBILE 73.0 BROADCASTING 6.875 851.0 RADIO ASTRONOMY 7.4 BROADCASTING MOBILE FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space)(space-to-Earth) FIXED LAND MOBILE 7.025 854.0 9'4L 74.8 SATELLITE MOBILE FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) FIXED FIXED LAND MOBILE FIXED MOBILE 7.075 894.0 Space research (space-to-Earth) Amateur 0'9L RADIOLOCATION FIXED AERONAUTICAL MOBILE ASTRONOMY MOBILE AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION 0'968 901.0 7.125 75.2 Space research (space -to-Earth) O'LL FIXED LAND MOBILE Amateur-satelite Amateur 77.5 RADIOLOCATION FIXED FIXED MOBILE ANON OHISH 7.145 FIXED MOBILE 75.4 Space research (space-to-Earth) FIXED SPACE RESEARCH (deep space)(Earth-to-space) Amateur-satelite AMATEUR 7.19 902.0 FIXED MOBILE 8.1 AN ONOHISY FIXED SPACE RESEARCH (Earth-to-space). RADIOLOCATION MARITIME MOBILE FIXED 0'9L Amateur satellite AN ONOISY 0'8L Space research (space-to-Earth) RADIOLOCATION Amateur 7.235 928.0 8.195 O1OWY 81.0 FIXED FIXED 929.0 7.25 FIXED-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) MOBI LE-SATELLUTE (space-to-Earth) Fixed 7.3 FIXED-SATELLUTE (space-to-Earth) Mobile-satellite (space-to-Earth) FIXED 7.45 FIXED LAND MOBILE MARITIME MOBILE 930.0 FIXED MOBILE 8.815 931.0 FIXED LAND MOBILE AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) FIXED-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) METEOROLOGICAL Mobile-satellite FIXED 932.0 8.965 SATELLITE (pace-to-Eati) (spaceto-Earth) FIXED AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) 7.55 FIXED-SATELUTE (space-to-Earth) Mobile-satellite (space-to-Earth) FIXED 7.75 935.0 9.04 ASTRONOMY FIXED LAND MOBILE FIXED 940.0 9.4 METEOROLOGICAL- SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) FIXED 0ʻ98 FIXED MOBILE 941.0 7.85 FIXED FIXED 944.0 BROADCASTING 6'% 8.025 FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) MOBI LE-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) Fixed FIXED O'096 O'88 Mobile satellite 9.9 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELUTE (space-to-Earth) FIXED SATELUTE (Earth-to-space) (Earth-to-space) FIXED (no airborne) FIXED 8.175 9.995 STANDARD FREQUENCY AND TIME SIGNAL (10 MHz) METEOROLOGICAL- SATELLITE Mobile- satellite 1.005 FIXED-SATELLITE EARTH EXPLORATION- (Earth to-space) SATELLITE 6pae to-Earti) RADIO FIXED (Earth-to-s pace) RADIO- LOCATION ASTRONOMY FIXED MOBILE AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) 1.01 (LE--a0eds) EARTH EXPLORATION SATELUTE FIXED-SATELLITE (no airborne) 8.215 AMATEUR aajes-aigoy (Earth-to-space) FIXED 8.4 10.15 (spaceto-Earth) (Earth-to-space) (no aibotne) SPACE RESEARCH(deep space Xspaceto-Earth) Space research (deep spaceXspace-to-Earth) ASTRONOMY 8.45 SPACE RESEARCH (space-to-Earth) FIXED 8.5 RADIOLOCATION Radiolocation 8.55 RADIO 1164.0 11.175 RADIO- LOCATION ASTRONOMY FIXED MOBILE RADION AMGATION-SATELU TE (space-to-Earth)(space-to-space) AERONAUTICAL AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) RADI ON AM GATION 95.0 1215.0 11.275 8.65 RAD IO LO CATION Radiolocation AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) RADIO NAVIG AT ION SATELLITE 0'6 9.2 AERONAUTICALRADIONAVIGATION Radiolocation (space-to-Earth) 11.4 1240.0 108.0 FIXED (aoeds-o1-80 eds) MARITIME RADIONAVIGATION Radiolocation 9.3 9'II RADIONAVIGATION Meteorological Aids Radiolocation 9.5 0'00 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE (passive) SPACE RESEARCH RADIO ASTRONOMY BROADCASTING 12.1 (passive) O'00ET 102.0 AERONAUTICALRADI ONAM GATION Radiolocation FIXED 9.8 1350.0 12.23 ola ASTRONOMY RADIO LOCATION Radiolocation FIXED MOBILE RADIOLOCATION MOBILE FIXED O'O 10.45 1390.0 RADIOLOCATION Radiolocation Amateur MARITIME MOBILE FIXED MOBILE Fixed-satellite (Earth-to-space) ** 105.0 1392.0 Radiolocation Amateur Amateur-satellite 10.5 RADIOLOCATICN FIXED MOBILE ** SPACE RESEARCH RADIO RADIOLOCATION 1395.0 MOBILE FIXED 10.55 LAND MOBILE (medical telemetry and medical telecommarid) 117.975 ASTRONOMY 1400.0 13.2 (ənISsed) SPACE FIXED AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) EARTH EXPLORATIO N-SATELLITE SPACE RESERRCH 109.5 RADIO ASTRONOMY (an ssE) LAND MOBILE (me dicaltelemetryand medical telecommand 13.26 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE (passive) 9'01 1427.0 SPACE RESE AR CH (passive) EARTH EXPLORATION SATELLITE (passive) FIXED (an Sse) AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) Ola ASTRONOMY pexl (telemetry) LAND MOBILE 89'OT 10.7 RESEARCH RADIO ASTRONOMY SPACE RESEARCH (passive) EARTH EXPLORATION-SATELLITE (passive) 121.9375 123.0875 13.36 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (telemetry and telecormand) (passive) 1429,5 RADIO ASTRONOMY 111.8 FIXED FIXED-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) FIXED (telemetry and. 13.41 LAND MOBILE (telemetry & telecormand) Mobile except aeronautical mobile (R) SPACE 11.7 123.5875 FIXED RADIO ASTRONOMY (pueiosajal 1430.0 FIXED MOBILE FIXED (telemetry and telecommand) RESEARCH FIXED-SATELUTE (space-to-Earth) LAND MOBILE Fixed-satellite 13.57 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) (passive) 12.2 (telemetry & telecormand) (space -to-Earth) 1432.0 BROADCASTING 114.25 BROADCASTING-SATELLITE FIXED FIXED MOBILE ** EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE 12.7 13.87 SPACE RESEARCH 1435.0 Ola ASTRONOMY AXED-SATELUTE (Earth-to-space) MOBILE FIXED MOBILE (aeronautical telemetry) 13.25 1525.0 128.8125 FIXED Mobile Aeranatuical AERONAUTICAL except aeronautical mobile (R) STANDARD FREQUENCY AND TIME SIGNAL (60 kHz) (anjssed) 116.0 MOBILE SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) 14.0 Radionavigation MOBILE (R) 61 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE (passive) Amateur SPACE RESEARCH 1559.0 132.0125 AMATEUR AMATEUR SATELLITE 13.4 INTER- SATELLITE RADI ONAV GATI ON-SATELUTE AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) AERONAUTICAL MO BILE (R) 14.25 (space-to-Earth)(space-to-space) (Nssed) INTER-SATELLUTE 122.25 1610.0 136.0 AMATEUR FIXED MOBILE 14.35 RADIODE TERMINATION- MOBILE SATELLITE 13.75 AERONAUTICAL RADIONAM GATION 123.0 SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) (2seds-o1-upea) 1610.6 137.0 Mobile FIXED MOBILE SATELU TE SPACE RESE ARCH SPACE OPERATI ÖN (space-to-Earth) SPACE RESE ARCH SPACE OPERATION (space to-Earth) MOB LE SATELLU TE SPACE RESEARCH SPACE OPERATI ON (space-to-Earth) (space to-Earth) MET. SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) except aeronautical mobile (R) RADIO RADI ODETERMINATI ON- (spaceto-Earth) 14.99 MOBILE SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) AERONAUTICAL ASTRONOMY SATELUTE (Earth-to-space) RADIONAAGATION 137.025 STANDARD FREQUENCYAND TIME SIGNAL (15 MHz) Mobile-satellite (spaceto-Earth) MET SATELLITE 1613.8 15.01 14.0 Mobile-satellite (space to-Earth) SATELUTE (Earth-to-space) RADIONAMGAT ION MOBILE SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) (space-to-Earth) 137.175 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) RADI ODETERMINATION- AERONAUTICAL Space Mobile-sate lite (Earth-to-space) FIXED-SATELLITE (Earthto-space) (ageds-or-uua) 1626.5 MET. SAT ELLITE (space-to-Earth) 15.1 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE research 14.2 (space-to-Earth) (space to-Earth) 137.825 Mobile-satellite (space-to-Earth) FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) MOBILE SATELLITE(Earth-to-space) SPACE RESEARCH SPACE OPERATION (space-to-Earth) 1605 Mobile-satellite MET. SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) BROADCASTING ASTRONOMY (active) 14.4 (space-to-Earth) (space-to-Earth) 138.0 MOBILE BROADCASTING 134.0 Mobile-satellite FIXED-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) Earth-to-space) Mobile O'099T 1615 Fixed Radio astronomy AMATEUR AMATEUR - SATELL ITE RADIO ASTRONOMY MOBILE SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) FIXED MOBILE 14.5 1660.5 15.8 FIXED Mobile Space research 14.7145 144.0 146.0 RADIO 0'9EI Amateur Amateur - satellite MOBILE Fixed RADIO ASTRONOMY SPACE RESEARCH (passive) AMATEUR- SATELUTE AMATEUR Space research FIXED NO ILVO0T FIXED MOBILE | RADIO ASTRONOMY ASTRONOMY 141.0 14.8 1668.4 RADI OLOCATION Fixed SPACE RESEARCH MOBILE AMATEUR 148.0 METEOROLOGICALAIDS (radiosonde) 148.5 15.1365 RADIO ASTRONOMY MOBILE-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) 16.36 SPACE RESEARCH EARTH E XPLORATION- FIXED SPACE RESEARCH Mobile FIXED MOBILE O'OL9 1675.0 RADIO ASTRONOMY SATELLI TE 15.35 149.9 SPACE RESEARCH FIXED MOBILE (a ISsed) FIXED MOBILE RADIO AS TRONOMY EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELUTE (passive) MARITIME MOBILE (passive) RADIO ASTRONOMY MOBILE-SATELLITE (Earth-to-space) 151.5 RADIONAV-SATELLITE RADIOLOCATION 15.4 METEOROLOGICALAIDS 155.5 AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION METEOROLOGICAL SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) 150.05 (apuosojpe.) FIXED 15.43 SPACE RESEARCH RADIO I EARTH E XPLORATION- 1700.0 FIXED MOBILE 17.41 AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION MOBILE FIXED-SATELLUTE 06 SATELLITE 150.8 FIXED METEOROLOGICAL SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) Fixed ASTRONOMY (aAISsed) 158.5 (Earth-to-space) 1705 15.63 FIXED LAND MOBILE 17.48 (aMISsed) 1710.0 152.855 AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION BROADCASTING MOBILE- FIXED- 15.7 FIXED MOBILE LAND MOBILE 17.9 FIXED MOBILE SATELLUTE Radiolocation RADIO LO CATION 1755.0 154.0 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) SATELUTE 9'9 17.1 (space-to-Earth) SPACE OPERATION (Earth-to-space) MOBILE FIXED FIXED LAND MOBILE Radiolocation (space-to-Earth) RADI OLOCATION 156 17.97 164.0 Radiolocation Space res earch (deep spaceXEarth-to-space) 1850.0 AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) MARITIME MOBILE MOBILE FIXED 18.03 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELUTE (passive) RADIO ASTRONOMY SPACE RESEARCH Radiolocation RADIOLOCATION 156.725 FIXED 17.2 MARITIME MOBILE (distress, urgency, safety and calling) (anjssed) 167.0 156.8375 008 MOBILE SATELLITE 0'000 AMATEUR 890'8I MOBILE FIXED MARITIME MOBILE AMATEUR SATELLITE (80eds-o1- 2020.0 157.0375 FIXED- IN TER- SATELLITE Mobile 18.168 FIXED MOBILE SATELLITE 17.3 MARITIME MOBILE FIXED AMATEUR FIXED-SATELLITE FIXED MOBILE 157.1875 18.78 18.9 (space-to-Earth) BROADCASTING-SATELLITE Radiolocation 2025.0 MOBILE except aeronautical mobile MARITIME MOBILE (Earth-to-space) FIXED 174.5 17.7 157.45 BROADCASTING INTER- SATELLITE FIXED SATELLITE (E arth to-space) FIXED LAND MOBILE SPACE OPERATION (Earth-to-space) (space-to-space) FIXED MOBILE 17.8 18.3 19.02 FIXED FIXED SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) 161.575 FIXED 006 174.8 MARITIME MOBILE 89'61 19.8 FIXED-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE (passi ve) 161.625 INTER- SATELLITE SPACE RESEARCH MARITIME MOBILE 9'8 2110.0 LAND MOBILE EARTH EXPLORATION - SATELLITE (passive) (passive) SPACE RESEARCH (passiv e) FIXED-SATELLITE MOBILE FIXED 161.775 FIXED RADIOLOCATION 182.0 (space-to-Earth) 19.99 MOBILE except aeronautical mobile MARITIME MOBILE (AIS) 18.8 2180.0 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE (passi ve) STANDARD FREQUENCYAND TIME SIGNAL (20 MHz) RADIO ASTRONOMY SPACE RESEARCH 161.9625 FIXED-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) FIXED-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) MOBILE SATELUTE (space-to-Earth) (passive) 19.3 MOBILE FIXED Mobile 20.01 FIXED FIXED 161.9875 0007 185.0 2200.0 19.7 MOBILE except aeronautical mobile MARITME MOBILE 130 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLUTE (passive) SPACE RESEARCH O'IZ INTER- SATELLI TE FIXED SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) MOBILE-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) 162.0125 AMATEUR AMATEUR SATELLITE MOBILE FIXED SPACE OPERATION (space-to-Earth) (space-to-space) (passive) 20.2 MARITIME MOBILE (AIS) 21.45 FIXED-SATELLUTE (space-to-Earth) 163.0375 BROADCASTING 2065 0'06 21.85 SPACE RESEARCH MARIT ME MOBILE EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE (passive) FIXED (passive) MOBILE-SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) 2290.0 FIXED MOBILE 21.924 SPACE RESEARCH AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (R) LO17 191.8 21.2 **- MOBILE* FIXED MOBILE RADIONAVIGATION SPACE RESEARCH FIXED MOBILE EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELLITE (passive) (-01-20eds) 22.0 exce pt aeronautical mobile MOBILE FIXED 173.2 INTER- SATELLITE SATELLITE MOBILE MARITIME MOBILE (a AISsed) FIXED (80eds daap) 2300.0 RADIONAVIGATION- SATELLITE 21.4 FIXED 2170 Amateur Land mobile 173.4 22.855 MOBILE 2305.0 FIXED MARITIME MOBILE Amateur MOBILE** FIXED FIXED MOBILE 23.0 MARITIME MOBILE 0'007 FIXED MOBILE** RADIOLOCATION 174.0 Mobile (telephony) 2310.0 EARTH EXPLORATION- AWONOISY SATELLITE (passive) RADIO SPACE RESEARCH 22.21 FIXED AROADCASTING SATE LLITE Radio- location pexy 2320.0 except aeronautical mobile (R) 2173.5 RADIOLOCATION MOBILE FIXED Mobile (passive) 23.2 RADIO ASTRONOMY SPACE RESEARCH AERONAUTICAL MOBILE (OR) MOBILE (distress and calling) 096 0'607 Radiolocation BROADCASTING- SATELLU TE FIXED- pax 2345.0 23.35 MOBILE 2190.5 RADIO ASTRONOMY 22.5 (aAISsed) BROADCASTING Radio- FIXED FIXED MOBILE SATELLITE RADIOLOCATION MOBILE FIXED Fixed SATELLITE hMobile except aeronautical mobile O'09 2390.0 FIXED MOBILE иОдвзо 68 24.99 (Earth-to-space) 22.55 MOBILE Fixed RADIOLOC ATION 217.0 FIXED MOBILE INTER-SATELLITE AMATEUR AMATEUR SATELLITE MARITIME MOBILE MAR ITIME MOBILE FIXED-SATELUTE (Earth-to-space) 23.55 MOBILE AMATEUR (telephony) RADIO ASTRONOMY FIXED MOBILE 2395.0 STANDARD FREQ.AND TME SIGNAL (25 MHz) 23.6 25.01 2194 SPACE RESEARCH (passive) RADIO ASTRONOMY SPACE RESEARCH (passive) EARTH EXPLORATION - SATELLITE - (passive) AMATEUR LAND MOBILE 226.0 25.07 24.0 2417.0 MARITIME MOBILE AMATEUR AMATEUR-SATELLITE Amateur Radiolocation LAND MOBILE 25.21 24.05 2450.0 ASTRONOMY 25.33 Radio- Radiolocation MOBILE FIXED 216.0 MOBILE except aeronautical mobile AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION FIXED RADIO- LOCATION 2483.5 231.5 Amateur location MOBILE 25.55 RA DIODETERMINATION SATELLITE (space-to-Earth) MOBILE SATELLITE Land mobile pex 217.0 except aeronautical FIXED RADIO ASTRONOMY FIXED MOBILE Radiolocation 24.25 2495.0 (uue3-01-80eds) mobile 25.67 232.0 FIXED BROADCASTING RADI ODETERMINATION- MOBILE SATELLITE SATELUTE (space o-Earth) MOBILE except 00. 24.45 (space-to-Earth) MOBILE** FIXED Land mobile FIXED FIXED MARITIME MOBILE 26.1 FIXED- Radiolocation RADIONAVIGATION INTER-SATELLITE 2500.0 aeronautical mobile 219.0 FIXED MOBILE SATELLITE 24.65 26.175 INTER-SATELLITE MOBILE** MOBILE except aeronautical mobile LAND MOBILE RADIOLOCATION-SATELLITE (Earth to-space) FIXED FIXED Amateur 2495 Mobile paxi FIXED (space-to-Earth) 24.75 2655.0 26.48 235.0 RADIONAVIGATION FIXED-SATELLITE 220.0 FIXED MOBILE (Earth-to-space) except aeronautical mobile EARTH EXPLORATI ON- SATELITE (passive) FIXED-SATELLITE SPACE RESEARCH 25.05 LAND MOBILE 222.0 26.95 STANDARD FREQ.AND TME SIGNAL (2500kHz) (space-to-Earth) (passive) FIXED FIXED-SATELUTE FIXED AMATEUR 238.0 225.0 26.96 25.25 MOBILE FIXED MOBILE 2505 RADIO- NAVIGATION- SATELLITE INTER-SATELLITE except aeronautical mobile 25.5 RADIO- NAVIGATION 0'069 27.23 SPACE RESE AR CH FIXED MOBI LE except aeronautical mobile 27.41 (aMISsed) LAND MOBILE FIXED FIXED MOBILE RADIOLOCATI 2700.0 27.54 241.0 ME TEOROLOGICAL FIXED MOBILE Radiolocation AERONAUTICAL RADI ONAVI GATION RADIOLOCATION RADIOASTRONOMY Amateur-satellite Amateur 27.0 ADS 28.0 248.0 Inter-satellite FIXED MOBILE INTER-SATELLITE AMATEUR AMATEUR SATELLITE Radioastronomy AMATEUR-SATELLITE AMATEUR 27.5 0'0067 SPA CE RESEARCH 29.7 275 EARTH EXPLORATION- SATELUTE (passive) LAND MOBILE RADIOASTRONOMY Maritime Radionavigation (radiobeacons) FIXED-SATELLITE AERONAUTICAL RADIONAVIGATION Aeronautical Mobile 252.0 FIXED MOBILE 29.8 (a MISsed) FIXED (Earth-to-space) 2850 RADIONAVIGATION-SATELUTE olav MOBILE-SATELLITE 6 29.5 29.89 285 FIXED MOBILE RADIO NAVIGATION ASTRONOMY (a3e ds-o1-yuea) FIXED-SATELLITE MOBILE-SATELLITE 29.91 AERONAUTICAL MARI TI ME RADI ONAMGATION Aeronautical Radionavigation FIXED-SATELUTE (Earth-to-space) 265.0 275.0 FIXED MOBILE RADIO ASTRONOMY NOTALLOCATED (Earth-to-space) (Earth-to-space) FIXED MOBILE (R) (ra diobeacons) 300.0 30.0 (suoseeqoipe) O'0E 0'000E O'00E 000€

United States Frequency Allocations

shared by Anonymous (not verified) on Jun 14
A breakdown of the allocation of the radio spectrum for the United States.


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