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Understanding Low-Code Rapid Application Development Platforms

UNDERSTANDING LOW-CODE Rapid Application Development Platforms STATS TO KNOW Low-code application development will The total 20% of low-code users reported starting with no programming experience. market for low-code development platforms will hit $21.2 billion by 2022. account for 65% of all application development activity by 2024. (Source: Forrester) (Source: Gartner) (Source: Mendix) WHAT IS RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT? – "RAD solutions are development tools that combine an integrated development environment (IDE) with some code generation features, primarily on the UI side." (Source: This reduces the time of the app development process and allows for greater productivity with fewer people. It's an adaptive process that focuses on delivering a speedier result through fast prototyping and quick feedback. The RAD approach is used when there is: A very small team, low o budget and minimal time Small-scale projects • Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a type of agile software development model. A small range of coding • languages THE 4 PHASES OF THE RAD LIFECYCLE Requirements Planning User Design 01 User feedback is collected and is used to help determine the system architecture and to create the initial modelling and prototypes. This stage is repeated as often as necessary until approval is reached on a working model of the system that meets the pre-stated needs. Designers, developers, managers and users agree on the business needs, project scope, constraints and application requirements. 02 04 Cutover (Transition) 03 The development team move components to a live production environment for testing and team training. </> Rapid Construction This phase consists of application development, coding, testing, and integration. Users may continue to suggest changes or improvements. This stage is repeated when new components are required or if modifications are made to meet the needs of the project. –(WHAT ARE NO/LOW CODE APP DEVELOPMENT PLATFORMS? No-code platforms are aimed at Citizen These platforms enable users to rapidly design, build, customise, and deploy business apps for web and mobile with little They provide a visual development approach to Rapid Application Development (RAD). Developers i.e. non-developers who take it upon themselves to optimise processes by creating apps. to no coding. Whereas, users of low-code platforms may need help from in-house developers to make minor changes to back-end code. These platforms can also be used by time-pressured IT teams who need to quickly produce apps. CHARACTERISTICS OF LOW/NO CODE PLATFORMS Instant mobility Visual Declarative Modelling Тools Uses Drag & drop interface templates THE BUSINESS BENEFITS OF LOW CODE DEVELOPMENT PLATFORMS These tools are critical for any organisation undergoing digital transformation and Low-code platforms allow developers to quickly create simple working apps with a lot less hassle. help them to become more agile. They enable Low-Code platforms simplify and streamline app development processes, thereby saving money, time and people with limited IT knowledge to make apps, thereby reducing backlogs and freeing up busy IT teams. The extra speed boosts productivity and allows organisations to innovate faster without having to expand the IT team. resources. LOW CODE VS. RAD Low code platforms are a more appropriate solution for simpler applications. The RAD approach is better suited to more complex business applications. RAD tools require a relatively deep understanding of the tool, whereas low-code tools provide easy -to-use drag-and-drop interfaces. WHAT DO THE EXPERTS SAY? Hand-coding is too slow to develop and deliver many of the applications that companies use to win, serve, and retain customers. Some firms are turning to new, "low-code" application platforms that accelerate app delivery by dramatically reducing the amount of hand-coding required. Faster delivery is the primary benefit of these application platforms; they also help firms respond more quickly to customer feedback after initial software releases and provision mobile and multichannel apps. 99 New Development Platforms Emerge For Customer-Facing Applications Forrester Research Enterprise low-code application platforms offer compelling productivity gains for professional and citizen development, as well as speed-of-delivery benefits. 99 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms Gartner REFERENCES ers ITSOLUTIONS

Understanding Low-Code Rapid Application Development Platforms

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This infographic looks at RAD development and examines how this can be applied within low-code development platforms. These platforms are extremely beneficial for businesses as they allow citizen deve...


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