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Understanding Google Average Position Rankings

UNDERSTANDING AVERAGE POSITION GOOGLE is the most accurate and realistic way for Google to track how your website AVERAGE POSITION RANKINGS ranks for search queries. WHY IS THE DATA Identical web searches can return different results. "AVERAGED" AND NOT "EXACT?" Searches made on a smartphone versus a computer, in two different locations, or at different times will return different results. 2 3 THESE FACTORS PRODUCE VARIATIONS ACROSS IDENTICAL SEARCH QUERIES: Device Time of Geographic location Image, news, product, or places search search Mobile, tablet, or computer. Personalized Search Google+ connections search history HOW IS AVERAGE POSITION Since search results differ due to the above factors, Google looks at CALCULATED? a blend of how your site ranks across different people's searches. Google asks. "What are the two highest positions across each searcher?" PERSON A #1 PERSON B #5 Tucson Chiropractor Tucson Chiropractor 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 10 5 5 6 6 For Person A, the website's 7 7 highest position is #1. 8 8 9 9 For Person B, the website's 10 10 highest position is #5. GOOGLE FINDS THE AVERAGE OF THE HIGHEST POSITIONS: 3 3 AVERAGE POSITION 1 + 5 ÷ 2 = V AVERAGE POSITION is based on real-life searches. HOW IS AVERAGE POSITION DIFFERENT A AVERAGE POSITION FROM SNAPSHOT OR SCRAPED accounts for search variations SEARCH RANKINGS? due to location, personalization, and more. Regular ranking reports are misleading and inaccurate because they show scraped data from search results or a snapshot of search results at a single moment in time. Google average position rankings are more than just a snapshot. M AVERAGE POSITION INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: anchorwave is more accurate and comprehensive internet solutions than scraped or snapshot rankings.

Understanding Google Average Position Rankings

shared by BrittSE on Jan 23
How do you know how visible your website is in search results? Google's average position ranking is one of the most accurate metrics for measuring your search visibility. Find out how average positio...


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