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The Ultimate SEO Strategy Hacksheet

The Ultimate SEO STRATEGY Hack Sheet Shaping Your SEO Strategy In-Tune with Google's Latest Algorithm Updates PANDA This update by Google aimed to produce better, high quality results with relevant content that the search engine user desires. HOW TO AVOID PANDA PENALTY NOTE • Improving the quality of 'Static Elements' including static pages like: Privacy Policy, Contact, About and TOS. Duplicate content • Add a no-index tag to the page so that the Google spider doesn't use that particular page to penalize the rest of your website ranking. Consistent Quality Checks and improve- ments, e.g. improving your websites' meta tags and upgrading it to HTML5. • Simply revise the content to avoid duplicity. Bounce rate • Improving the websites' UX. Repeat site visits Make sure that you have relevant content to retain visitors. • Assess your site's UX if your Bounce rate is higher than 60%. Using more guides and visual content. • Using 'Calls to Action. • Improving website load time. PENGUIN The main motivation has been to limit and discourage the unethical use of inbound and outward links. HOW TO AVOID PENGUIN PENALTY Unnatural links including Link Schemes Keyword stuffing Over optimization Links intended to Write Content keeping the target audience in mind not keywords. Too much of SEO can invite Large numbers of links, from low quality or irrele- vant sources, pointing to a website manipulate page rank or link-exchanges between websites. penalties Purchasing of links. The random use of links in a website while totally ignoring proper context. NOTE • Control spammy and unethical use of links. • Ensure your website is more trustworthy to users. HUMMINGBIRD Google wants to better understand user queries and therefore be able to return better and more useful results. Why do you need SEO strategy? PREVIOUS SEARCH TECHNIQUES GOOGLE HUMMINGBIRD SEARCH • Keyword based search. Question-based, conversational, semantic search (takes into account why, when, who,..) The same search may yield different results to each user, based on current circumstances. The same search yields same results for different users. It uses information like previous downloads, geographical location, social shares, etcetra. Search technique does not use user information for searching. It cannot handle complex search strings. It can handle long complex search strings. It uses Google's knowledge graph. Provides users many possible options to continue with search. It starts with answering the question. This is called "conventional search." HOW TO AVOID HUMMINGBIRD PENALTY Long-tail keywords have shifted the focus from Mobile optimization with focus on simply ranking for a query to better understanding the meaning behind the Conversational content is preferred as it is in line with the way a user makes a query while searching for informa- tion. Proper Structured Data Markup is required to serve better search results. Build Strong Inbound and outbound link for better credibility and authority. conversational style becomes prominant. query. NOTE: Produce content with your readers' need in mind to get them engaged. PIGEON The main goal is to provide useful, relevant and fast query results to web users looking for local search results. HOW TO AVOID PIGEON PENALTY Cities are Subcategorized into neighborhoods, ensure that it is part of your strategy, and use localized names of addresses Keep a consistent Name, Phone and Address. Get Listed in Directories. Good reviews from customers. NOTE: • Avidly market your website content and ensure that you employ good back linking strategies. • Ensure that you employ a mobile SEO strategy because most local web searches are done through mobile devices. MOBILEGEDDON The focus of this update was to give priority to websites that were optimized for mobile devices. HOW TO AVOID MOBILEGEDDON PENALTY • Monitor Website Traffic. • Ensure your website is mobile friendly. • Update website to make it mobile friendly. NOTE Search results registered through smartphones versus desktops are very likely to diverge and become different as opposed to becoming the same. A well-established and dominant online business that is not reliant on a mobile friendly website for direct traffic, won't be affected by this update. Simpl;learn

The Ultimate SEO Strategy Hacksheet

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Shape your SEO Strategy in-tune with Google's Latest Algorithm Updates and learn how you can avoid Google penalties.


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