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Ultimate New Features of Photoshop CC

Ultimate New Features in Ps Adobe Photoshop CC Creative Cloud Libraries Extract Assets Ps svg Sync your favourite images, Extract image assets from layers, colors,type styles, brushes and more Save them in your preferred format to Creative Cloud and access and resolutions, Supports SVG format directly when you need them Improved Guides 3D PDF Support PDF Create multiple guides, set width Export your 3D designs from Photoshop and margins of multiple columns or rows, and user can save as 3D files so colleagues and clients can easily view, comment on, and guides as presets manipulate them in Adobe Acrobat Smart Object Improvements Improved Layer Comps Pack links of external files into single Change one layer according to your directory, User can convert existing embedded smart objects to preferences and apply that change to all other layers in Layer Comp, and toggle linked smart objects a Layer Comp within a Smart Object Blur Gallery Motion Effects Focus Mask Mercury Graphics Engine Makes all Blur Focus Mask for Portraits and other Gallery interactions fast and fluid. images that have shallow depth of field Create circular or elliptical blurs etc., Improvements to Content-Aware Smarter Smart Guides Technology New technology in Content-Aware Fill, Quickly check the distance in pixels, Move, and Patch smoothly blends between objects and get accurate layouts areas containing gradients, like skies Desktop fonts from Adobe Typekit Font Search AA Choose fonts from Typekit library, Sync to Search for fonts by name, and see instant desktop, and get immediate access to them previews of each font to zero in on in your Photoshop Font Menu the perfect one Expanded 3D Printing Capabilities Improved Windows 8.1 touch and Stylus Support More Support for 3D Printers with Quick and comfortable stylus on Windows Accurate renderings of your model 8.1 devices, smoother brush strokes and higher-frequency sampling Expanded Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine support Experimental Features Focus Mask works up to three times A new preference setting allows you to test faster and Content-Aware technology drive and help shape new Photoshop works up to 12 times faster features before they're officially released Intelligent Upsampling, Even faster Perspective Warp A Enlarge a low-res images for a great looking Adjust the perspective of a specific print, or Start with a larger image and part of your image without affecting blot it up to poster or billboard size the surrounding area Adobe Generator All-New Smart Enhancements Sharpen Simplifies the organizing process of your Analyzes images to maximize clarity and minimize noise and halos, and it lets you design assets, and helps developers in creating powerful plugins fine-tune for high-quality, natural-looking results Camera Shake Reduction Workflow Time Savers 08:00 Ultimate Camera Shake Reduction Work faster and smarter, Acess the analyzes your blur image and its expanded Color Panel as well as your trajectory, Helps restore sharpness most recently used brushes Adobe Camera Raw 8 and Camera Raw Ps as a Filter Photoshop cc Fix perspective Distortions, Create vignettes, Apply raw edits as filter and many more Designed by Blueberry BEST PLUGINS LABS

Ultimate New Features of Photoshop CC

shared by lisablueberry on Apr 24
Adobe has released another version of Photoshop: Photoshop CC 2014. The expression on your face is quite predictable: “Where has the CS thing gone?” There lies the twist in the plot; the tradition...




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