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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Getting iPhone App Reviews On Top Blogs

A CHEAT SHEET * for getting APP REVIEWS top blogs on please? THINGS TO INCLUDE IN YOUR PITCH @ Name of the app Description O Link to iTunes Price Video Contact information Do you want to send a pitch? Here's what to include: Screenshots Ok, this is a... A GOOD PITCH SAMPLE YOUR SUBJECT DETERMINES IF THIS EMAIL WILL BE OPENED OR NOT, express the uniqueness of the app. Why is different? Why should I open this email. To: [email protected] From: [email protected] Subject: Mashup for iPad 2 Adds Photo layout Fun to Parties and HI Sally. BE PERSONAL, Get her name right. Make sure to spell it correctly too. Iliked your article about 5 Top Photography Apps. Since you have covered a t of these apps in the past. I figured out you would like to hear about Mash SAY IF YOUR APP IS FREE OR PAID. Mashup provides a quick, easy, and fun way to snap and arrangotos for instant holiday souvenirs. This free apresaptures imagasth a single tap, and SHOW INTEREST IN THEIR uses the iPads superb gesture control to rotate, resize, and lay out the pictures WORK. Be human and show that you know what they tend to cover. If you don't, then you shouldn't be pitching. exactly the way you want. Unlike similar apps in the store, it takes seconds to produce a one-of-a-kind collage of your event participants. Collage lets you: Add, delete, and reshooimages with simple touches Fully interact with ae video feed in a preview photo that you mipulate oose from ansortment of background images including ganite, a cork dateatnerborad, etc. INCLUDE A LINK TO ge (Free) is available for sale now at the iTunes Storlink to (Tunes) and THE APP you will be u want to read more about it at my website (link to the website). Here is a surprised how many of Collage in action (link to video) and a couple of screen shots follow people forget this to alow. You can find more screenshotsere (link to website) lease feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the app. Click ere to get a promo code using the Takens app. My contact details follow. WHY IS YOUR APP DIFFERENT? If its a "me ank vou in advance for considering my app for review too" app, don't bother pitching, It has been Covered before, right? Your contact info) Email: [email protected] Skype ID: meskype Twitter: @metwitter INCLUDE ALL THE PERFECT WAYS TO CONTACT YOU. A lot of people forget these surprisingly. No contact form link, please! ADD A 1-2 MIN VIDEO this goes a long way in showing off your app quickly without them having to read the vihole pitch. No way!, this's a... A BAD PITCH X SAMPLE х DO NOT INCLUDE "URGENT" IN YOUR SUBJECT. It will get -deleted right away. To: [email protected] From: [email protected] х ? Subject: URGENT URGENT: Piease review my app IT IS GOOD TO BE PERSONAIthe picture of your cat posted in your living room on Facebook 2 months BUT DON'T BE CREEPY, Poring was realy cute. Is that Sheba chunks you feed her? H Frederico, nomeneluk timelines to seee ving to get in touch with you for weeks, Please let me know if you t THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT LINE, it probably won't get YOUR APP IN THE SUBJECT personal info is downright creepy, pitch below Mashup provided a quick, easy, and fun way to snap and anange photo poened as well. Explain why instant holiday souvenirs. The app captures images with a singe tap, and Pad superb gesture control to rotate, resize, and lay out the Petures your app is unique ece launching tomorrow at 2PM EST, so it would be good to see a that coincdes with the launah. Appie has an event tomorrow at the same so it would be good to be in the news then. cactly the way you want. DON I GIVE DEADLINES Colage is available for sale now at he iTunes Store, please search you are not Facebook, in the store. You can read more about it at my website. I have attag media kit with all you need to this email. course you may edit, add or subtract from the provided informa BE PERSISTENT BUT NOT Expecting to get coverage during an Apple event is like buying a lottery ticket and getting pissed of when you don't win. Ado required that you send me a final sample for approval before your website. PUSHY, If you haven't heard back in a week, your pitch Piease feel free to contact me it you have any questions about thenmbably didn't make the cut. want a promo code, please let me know. f you want to get in toud so here 10MB INCLUDE A PROMO CODE. DON'TATTACH LARGE FILES TO AN EMAIL, No one wants to get 10 MB emails. NO CONTACT DETAILS? Well, no review! A LARGE AUD App Reviews more & more DOWNLOADS 100 5 seconds Minimum number of email pitches received in one day. needed to get a blogger's attention. POPULAR REVIEW SITES ADVICE FROM TOP BLOGGERS The first step to making it big in the App Store should be making a good app. Don't use "URGENT" in the Subject. The only thing that's urgent in my life is my coffee. And sometimes even that falls behind on schedule. Make a great app, Be human. BRETT TERPSTRA, TUAW FEDERICO VITICCI, MACSTORIES RENE RITCHIE, IMORE References: How to Befriend Journalists: Pitch Perfect|1 Sources: App Design Vault, htp:// %24 your app in front of higher RANKINGS

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Getting iPhone App Reviews On Top Blogs

shared by tabayomi on Feb 20
Getting your app featured by top blogs in your industry is one of the best ways of getting attention and more downloads. Pitching these blogs and getting a review is not easy though. The pitch ha...


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