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UK Solar PV Payback Period by Region

July - Sept 2015 UK Solar Panels Payback Period How Long Panels Will Take To Pay For Themselves .... Y = Years Shetland M = Months 9Y 11M 10Υ 1Μ. Orkney Kirkwall Lerwick 9Y 6M Western Isles Wick Stornoway Мар Кey 9Y 11M 8Y - 8Y 6M Inverness 8Y 7M - 9Y 9Y 8M 9Y 1M - 9Y 6M Aberdeen 9Y 6M Dundee 9Y 7M - 10Y 10Υ 1 Μ - 10Υ 6M 9Υ 7M Glasgow UK Average Edinburgh 9Υ 2M Ayr 9Y 3M 9Υ 2M L Stranraer Newcastle 9Y 3M upon Tyne Londonderry 9Υ 4M Belfast Carlisle Middlesbrough 9Υ 2M 9Υ 2M York Leeds Blackpool Hull 9Υ 2M Manchester Sheffield Anglesey Liverpool 9Υ 3M Lincoln Chester Derby ▪ 9Υ 2M Nottingham Caemarton Shewsbury 9Y 4M Norwich - Leicester Birmingham - 8Y 7M Northampton Aberystwyth, 8Y 9M -Cambridge Hereford Swansea Oxford Colchester Cheltenham Luton Milford "8Y 10M 9Y Haven Swindon Reading Cardiff Bristol 9Y London Canterbury Salisbury - 8Y 4M Portsmouth 8Y 5M "Dover Exeter Bournemouth Brighton 8Y 7M Plymouth Isles of Scilly •.... ... Assumptions & Sources ...... Assumptions 1. FIT eligibility date: 01 July 2015 to 30 September 2015 2. Solar panel system rating: 4 kWp 3. Roof pitch: 40 degrees 4. Roof orientation: Šouth facing 5. Roof shading: Little to no shading 6. Property EPČ rating: Band D or better 7. Monthly electricity bill: £55 8. Electricity price per unit: 14.05p/kWh 9. Annual FIT rate adjustments due to changes in RPI: 3.26% (based on past 25 years) 10. Annual rise in electricity (imported): 4.56% (based on past 19 years) 11. Local solar radiation, ambient air temperature and wind speed taken into account 12. FIT payments calculated over a time period of 20 years 13. Electricity bill savings calcuated over the system's lifetime of 25 years 14. Decrease in system performance of 20% over 25 years taken into account 15. System losses of 20% taken into account Sources 1. Regional solar potential data : Energy Saving Trust ( 2. Historic RPI & İnflation data: Office for National Statistics ( Embed this infographic on your website by going to: SolarLinker

UK Solar PV Payback Period by Region

shared by SolarLinker on Jul 16
Solar panels can cost between £6,000 to £7,000 to purchase, but how long do they take to pay for themselves?


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