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The Truth About Top Supercomputers In The World

Supercomputer facts and statistics Infographics by The Truth About Top Supercomputers In The World IFLO Supercomputers are . those computers that have far greater processing power than others of its day; typically they use more than 1 core and are housed in large clean rooms CRAY-X/MP-48: 1980s with high air flow to permit cooling. Their typical uses are weather fore- casting, nuclear simulations and animations. CDC GG00: 1970 A single modern desktop PC is now more powerful than a ten-year-old supercomputer, and the design concepts that allowed past supercomputers to out-perform contempora- neous desktop machines have now been incorporated into commodity PCs. Currently, the Cray Jaguar is the fastest supercomputer in the World... Top 10 Supercomputers in the world Jaguar BlueGen L Kraken XT5 Ranger Tianhe-1 *: Red Sky10 Jugene 45 BlueGene/P solution Roadrunner Pleiades *: Supercomputers 277 out of World's Top 10 500 in the world ..and out of United States are in KRAKEN Kraken, a Cray XT5 supercomputer funded by the National Science Foundation and housed in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. yottaFLOPS 1024 The World's fastest computer has a peak performance of more than 1750 teraflops (1.75 petaflops). A zettaFLOPS 1021 exaFLOPS 1018 petaFLOPS 1015 Cray XT5 system, Jaguar has 224,256 Opteron processor cores, and operated with a version of Linux called Cray Linux teraFLOPS 1012 gigaFLOPS megaFLOPS 109 Environment. 106 "FLOPS" (FLoating Point Operations Per Second) kiloFLOPS 103 Countries With Most Supercomputers Canada Austria Japan 2% 2% ך China 6% France Germany United States _60% United Kindon / 12% 19 of the top 20 supercomputers in the world are running some form of Linux. 80 Linux, 89.2 66 We chose Linux because iť's open and because we believed it could be extended to run a computer the size 70 Linux has close to 90% of Blue Gene. We saw considerable advantage in using an operating system supported by the open-source community, so that we can get their input and feed- back. aa 60 of the supercomputer market. 50 40 30 20 10 Bill Pulleyblank of IBM Research Windows BSD based Linux Unix Mix What's Next? In February 2009, IBM also announced work on "Sequoia," which appears to be a 20 petaflops supercomputer. This will be equivalent to 2 million laptops (whereas Road- runner is comparable to a mere 100,000 laptops). It is slated for deployment in late 2011. Sources (Data, Images and Icons): http://en.wikipe http://en.wikipe emashing apps free and useful anline resources • for designers and developers Infographics by Copyrights 2010. Computer Performance Please do not use without link back to source page at

The Truth About Top Supercomputers In The World

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You will be amazed to find out about top supercomputers in the world.



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