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The True Cost of Full Disk Encryption

Why Encrypt Data-at-Rest? THE TRUE COST OF FULL DISK ENCRYPTION Comply with Minimize Avoid harm to 32% self-regulatory programs 30% Comply with national data protection laws 25% resulting from exposure 23% resulting from customers lost computers data loss PONEMON INSTITUTE SURVEYED: • 1,335 IT security professionals • Located in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Germany (DE) and Japan (JP) • Multiple industry sectors • Average 10 years of IT or security experience Compliance Vs Cost Cost of software license + maintenance of total cost of ownership Data Have budget for security software Cost savings on password reset with PBConnex pre-boot feature 10% 33% Unencrypted on 69% 75% lost or stolen laptops Reducing Costs Pre-Boot Networking is the key element in the reduction of total cost of ownership as it allows many processes to occur as if the machine was not encrypted. Password Reset is a primary example. Cost vs. Benefit Expected Benefits of Full Disk Encryption exceed cost globally by 4-20x Total cost of ownership Total cost of ownership DE $260 ööč US $233 öö PASSWORD RESET - SAVINGS Cost savings from reduced exposure Cost savings from reduced exposure Times per user per annum $4,650 6తతతతతతతత తతతతతతతతఠత తతరరరరతతతత తరరరంఠఠఠఠఠ. తరరరరరల $973 తతతతరతరతతత 3.3 Total cost of password reset for User and Tech per annum $26.72 PBConnex per machine in password resets alone 000000 000€ O00000000 $20.04 Total cost of ownership UK $332 తతతల х Total cost of ownership JP $265 ööč Machines per organization 5,000 Cost savings from reduced exposure $2,849 68666తతరత తతతతతతతతతత తతతతతతతతల Cost savings from reduced exposure $1,903రంతరతతతతత తతరరరతతతతం TOTAL SAVINGS $100,200 Conclusion Please reset my password! SPONSORED BY: rtment Minimal investment is required to purchase data encryption software and maintenance but benefits can be substantial in protecting data and reducing total cost of ownership. Your password has been reset WINMAGIC DATA SECURITY

The True Cost of Full Disk Encryption

shared by jessief on Sep 06
Our friends at WinMagic, Inc. recently conducted a study in conjunction with the Ponemon Institute related to the True Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Full Disk Encryption. If that sounds like a mouthful,...




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