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Traditional Backup vs. Hybrid Cloud Backup

9. 9 Signs It's Time to Breakup with Your Backup TODAY'S BACKUP LANDSCAPE T000000000 70% aren't confident 35% of small and medium with the statement "Our business have backup plans. backup and disaster recovery operations are well managed and planned." Data Explosion: 75X 2.6X MIND THE DATA GROWTH GAP The Reality The Forecast 2.6X storage capacity growth over 10 years 75X growth of files over 10 years $160,000 is the average cost per hoOur of downtime for a business. WHY YESTERDAY'S BACKUP IS FAILING Disc-based backup 40% is the yearty 22% of hard drives won't last four years. projected data growth rate causing companies to routinely miss their backup windows. Tape Backup 77% 34% of companies test their tape backups. reported finding failures, 36% of companies do not backup virtual servers as often as their physical servers. 9 SIGNS IT'S TIME TO BREAKUP VENDOR'S DNA IS APPLIANCE-CENTRIC Most hybrid backup solutions have their roots in backup appliances, not the cloud. LOCKED INTO Third Party VENDOR'S Vendor Private CLOUD You don't have the Private flexibility to replicate to public or private cloud. Private Vendor Vendor Vandor Third-Party Third-Party DISASTER-RECOVERY -AS-A-SERVICE Buying a separate DRaas solution is inefficient: one-click (DRaaS) ISN'T disaster recovery from the appliance or cloud is critical. BUILT-IN RTO TAKES DAYS 4 One critical perfomance metric that few buyers understand is how quickly data is transferred from the hybrid backup appliance to the cloud, It should take hours, not days. CLOUD STORAGE IS TETHERED TO APPLIANCE STORAGE Avoid the 1:1 replication scheme. When you run out of storage, buy more cloud not another appliance. THE APPLIANCE 6. FUNCTIONS AS A PURPOSE BUILT APPLIANCE Hybrid Solutions that limit cloud storage to the size of the appliance should be retired. CAN'T TREAT Keep your most important data and applications local; securely copy everything else to the cloud. MISSION-CRITICAL DATA DISTINCTLY CAN'T PROTECT ALL OF YOUR COMPANY'S DATA With a bigger environment to protect, your hybrid backup solution should protect a variety of servers, devices, and operating systems. PRICING IS COMPLICATED AND CONFUSING With traditional backup appliance vendors, getting accurate pricing begins with properly sizing the appliance. Bliminating Mis-Sizing risk should be top of mind for IT buyers. MAINTENANCE SUPPORT COSTS COSTS O --- CLOUD STORAGE $ APPLIANCE COSTS COSTS For more information about the shortcomings of today's backup solutions and the emergence of the hybrid cloud backup model, check out Ebook Is it time to Breakup with your Backup? Sources: 1 2 Coughlin, Tom (2014-12-22). "HDD Areal Density And $/TB Trends". Coughlin Associates (Atascadero, CA: Forbes) 3 4 5 why-backup-and-recovery-needs-be-strategic-not-siloed 6 7 Hinfrascale" Total Data Protection | III • | III •

Traditional Backup vs. Hybrid Cloud Backup

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A deep dive into the following: 1. Overview of today's backup landscape 2. Shortcoming of Tradit...


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