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Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology

HYBRID TECHNOLOGY & Hybrid technology's THE "ULTIMATE ECO-CAR" HYBRID – PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE potential is becoming Q. Is it really feasible to produce a car that offers clearer by the day. At advanced performance features while also oyota is developing and Toyota, we do not regard It has been ten years since the Prius was introduced in 1997. As the world's first mass-produced Well-to-wheel calculations hybrid technology as preserving the environment? enhancing a wide range of (see-chart) illustrate that, regard- gasoline-electric hybrid passenger car, the Prius proved that people around the world would embrace en- powertrains that run on a variety simply a steppingstone less of power source, Toyota's vironmentally-friendly technology. With this encouragement, we are expand- of power sources. These include to the age of fuel cell hybrid technologies increase ing our hybrid lineup to appeal to a broader range of customers. lean-burn and direct-injection vehicles. We see it as efficiency substantially. Our Highlander ("Kluger" in some areas) Hybrid SUV features a Hybrid gasoline engines, common rail the core technology that Synergy Drive application optimized for the large displacement and output of A STRATEGY FOR LIFE direct-injection diesel engines, en- will become dominant in a V6 engine. It uses a higher-speed 120kW front motor and 50kW rear motor the eco-car market and Hybrid technology is a gines designed to run on alternative for high torque and high output with a more eventually evolve to form rediscovery of an energy strat- fuels, such as CNG and biofuels, New-generation Toyota Prises is first to use powerful electrical system. A V6 (3.3-liter) en- A GUIDE TO pure electric vehicles and vehicles the basis of what we call egy that living things depend model, gine using this technology can deliver V8-level shown here, achieves 35.5km/l" fuel ef- the “ultimate eco-car." on. Humans and other animals that run on high-pressure hydro- ficiency, more than twice that of a 1.5-liter Corolla, and is fully compliant with Japan's performance, with fuel efficiency and emissions HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE store energy temporarily so that gen, such as the Toyota FCHV, a at compact car levels, twice as good as those of most seringent Ulera-Low Emissions Level they can access it quickly when regulations fuel cell hybrid vehicle that began Our engineers may disagree an SUV of equal displacement. needed. First-generation Prius, introduced in 1997, limited sales in December 2002. about which fuel or car propulsion Our new Camry Hybrid achieves extraordinary fuel economy and was world's first mass-produced gasoline-elec- tric hybrid car. system is best. But they do agree outstanding performance, using our Hybrid Synergy Drive system with a Food carbohydrates) Oxygen that hybrid technology is the core 2.4-liter Atkinson cycle engine. In 2007, we unveiled the Toyota FT-HS hybrid sports concept, which for eco-car development. ENERGY pairs a powerful V6, 3.5L-engine with a 21st century sports hybrid system. We develop these key These examples demonstrate how Toyota's Hybrid Synergy tamune Fual FCHV technologies in-house to reduce Exercising Drive technology is robust, powerful and flexible enough to en- THSE Stockpiling costs and rapidly commercialize Temporary Storage hance the environmental and driving performance of virtually any their application. type of car, from family sedans to SUVS and sports cars. DPNA Like our metabolic system, H OW I T WORKS One of the yardsticks to This is really just the beginning. Hybrid technology will Lean Bun Toyota's hybrid technology saves CNG Common A assess the environmental cost of continue to evolve even further. O STARTUP O NORMAL DRIVING ACCELERATION SAT REST DECELERATION OSTARTING fuel by storing energy and adjust- FT-HS hybrid sports concept, shown at 2007 a future technological scenario North American International Auto Show. ing intelligently to each situation. is well-to-wheel efficiency. This Electric motor only Motor and engine Motor and engine Battery charging Engine and motor automatically shut off Electric mator only CNG: compressed natural gas DENR: Desel Partiqulate-NOx Reduction System D-4 diract iniection 4-stroke gasoline engine VyT variable vahve timing with inteligence FCHV: fuel cel hybrid vehicle expresses the overall efficiency (Additional power drawn from batteries) MILESTONES IN TOYOTA HYBRID VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT of an energy source, from extrac- STARTUP: NORMAL: DECELERATION/ HARD ACCELERATION: THS Tovola ybrid system Only the electric motor is When cruising, the engine The battery supplies ad- BRAKING: tion to when it turns a vehicle's used for startup and low and motor both drive the ditional energy to boost The high-output motor This is all part of our search wheels. to mid-range speeds. wheels: engine power is drive power, while the acts as a high-output gen- split between the wheels engine and motor provide erator, driven by the car's pero engire for the ultimate eco-car. 1997 Coaster Hybrid Bus 1997 Prius launched in Japan (2000 in U.S, Europe & other regions) 2001 Estima Hybrid 2001 2002 Toyota FCHV (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle) launched in Japan & US. and an electric generator, smooth acceleration wheels. This "regenerative Crown Hybrid which in turn drives the response. braking system" recovers motor. Power allocation kinetic energy as electri- A hybrid battery stores energy that Well-to-Tank (fuel production (vehicle efficiency) efficiency) (%) Overall efficiency (Well-to-Tank x Tank-to-Wheel) (X) Tank-to-Wheel cal energy, which is stored in the high-performance is controlled to maximize is ordinarily wasted while driving efficiency. As s necessary. (%) 10 20 30 40 the generator also re- battery. Recent Gasoline Car or stopping, and then applies the 88 16 14 2003 Alphard Hybrid charges the battery from surplus engine power. 2003 2005 Highlander (Kluger) Hybrid 2006 2005 Harrier Hybrid Previous Prius 28 stored energy when starting and New-generation Prius Camry Hybrid 88 to supplement engine power when New Prius 32 ...and more to come. *Only for Japanese market Toyota FCHV 58 50 accelerating. FCHV Target 60 TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION Printed in Japan in March 2007 on recycled paper PR-E-07BC02 1. Seurce Tayoto nads jepanear energy conditiors 2. Saurce: Toyata inhaane testing, Japanene 1O15 made 3. Hydragen froem CNG M unbn Bk C untn unbn unbn

Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology

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Infographics and copy explain how Toyota's hybrid technology works and what's so good about it.




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