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The Top Password Security Trends

THE TOP PASSWORD SECURITY TRENDS IN 2014 $300 per employee %24 It costs on average 300$ per employee per year to reset a password in a business or organization. When using Yahoo and Linked In, the most common passwords used were '123456', 'work', 'abc123456789' ,'123', and 'the'. Despite the urging of Corporate America to create stronger passwords with longer characters in them: >******* **mS925 30% 16% Only use seven or more characters individuals only focus on using digits to create the password. **m1A$a ****S12 Only 40% Only of users type a special character in their password to make it harder to crack. of end users use lower case letters in password creation. 33% 10% 33% of individuals use the same password for visiting the multiple social media sites with which they have accounts with. 10% of all Internet users utilize the very same password for all of the websites they visit (including social media sites, and financial online sites). ******* 33% IIIIIIIII $500 Save as 1 2 |3 5 Million ******* Stolen PIN Numbers on credit cards cost customers 500$ 33% of end users save their passwords on a Word doc, or on a Post It note attached to their computer monitor (known as the 'Post-It Syndrome'). Million USD. 13.000 10 online PayPal On average, an individual owns 10 online accounts in which the PayPal was the most password phished website, with over 13,000 spoofed websites. ******* very same password to login $171 Million SONY seconds seconds Password breaches cost Sony Corporation a staggering 171$ Million USD. An individual's password is stolen or hijacked every 3 seconds. $8.1 $3.2 Million 빌일 빌일 \ USD Stolen passwords led to 8.1 Million Americans to become victims of Identity Theft, with a total price tag of 37$ Billion USD. A famous hacker known as 'Soldier', via a password hijacking attempt, stole 3.2$ USD from major US Corporations. 32% 62% 32% of end users save their passwords or PIN numbers onto their Smartphone (which itself is not secure). 62% of Smartphone end users save their passwords or PIN numbers onto their Smartphone (which itself is not secure). In terms of password creation: 25% minutes characters minutes 25% of passwords are a person's first name. The average password is only 6 characters long, and is all lowercase. Through a brute force or dictionary attack, a hacker can crack the average password in just 3 minutes or less. 5% 30% 4% 5% of men use their spouse's name as their password. 30% of women use their spouse's name as their password. 4% of end users use the word "password" as their actual password.

The Top Password Security Trends

shared by AkrimRed on Mar 15
Passwords are vital, but oftentimes too weak to be truly secure and stealing them is a very lucrative business for hackers. All of those facts are detailed in the following infographic, and some of th...





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