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Top Home Tech For Seniors & Caregivers

E Top Home Tech For Seniors & Caregivers The Growing Aging Population is Living at Home By 2030, nearly 20% of Americans will be OVer 65. 20% Nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they 90% age, often referred to as "aging in place." 42% of seniors choose to stay in their home to live by their own rules. Seniors Stay Safe and Connected with Home Tech 79% of seniors say a personal alert system that allows them to call for help in emergencies is a key home feature important later in life. One study found that 79% of adults age 50-64 go online "every day or almost every day." In 2013, six in ten seniors, 59%, report using the internet. Today 47% of seniors have a high-speed broadband internet connection at home. Proof Seniors are Social f 77% 27% 46% of older adults own a tablet, an e-book reader, or both. of seniors are now cell of online seniors use phone owners. social networking sites. Top 20 Senior Home Technologies These icons represent how these technologies help seniors at home: Safety Entertainment Health/ Wellness Communication Assistance Free-$100 Tek Partner Universal Remote Control EasyFamily Facebook iPad App Skype App for iPad Avg. Cost: Free. Features: App allowing clear Avg. Cost: $39.95. Features: Large remote with large buttons helps those who are more likely to misplace a remote. Avg. Cost: Free. Features: iPad app 000 000 000 that streamlines Facebook to be video and voice calling. How to Use It: ABREA more senior-friendly to stay connected with family and friends. ABBE A How to Use It: Compatible with TV, VCR, DVD, satellite Download from Helps With: Helps With: Helps With: the Apple app How to Use It: store. Used By: Used By: Used By: receivers, and cable app/skype-for-ipad/ id442012681?mt=8 Download from the boxes. Apple app store. SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS 5Star Medical Device Alert & Splash Fitbit Flex Avg. Cost: $49.95. Features: A compact Avg. Cost: $99.95. Features: Tracks steps taken, distance moved, and calories burned in a day. Also tracks sleep quality and functions as a silent alarm clock when worn. gres lal device which allows you to connect either to an agent who can provide help in unsafe situations, or directly to 911 if the button is pressed and held. How to Use It: Easily attaches to key chains, purses, backpacks, etc. Helps With: Helps With: How to Use It: Wear daily. Used By: Used By: SENIORS SENIORS TabSafe Jitterbug Cell Phone Avg. Cost: The company claims that the product is often covered by insurance, and runs less than $100 a month for monitoring services. Features: Dispenses and Avg. Cost: $99 plus monthly calling plans. Features: Cell phone with large buttons and pictures attached to contacts, easy use for visually impaired. monitors use of medication. Sends alerts to caregivers if medication is refused or not taken. How to Use It: Works as medical alert Helps With: Helps With: device thanks to How to Use It: Can be refilled pre-installed contacts. at pharmacy, and contains a seven-day advance system, allowing for 7 days of medication in advance when Used By: Used By: SENIORS taking vacation or other lengthy trips. SENIORS CAREGIVER $101-$299 iRobot Cleaning Systems Avg. Cost: $120-$500. TV Ears Lively Avg. Cost: $129.95. Features: Allows those with hearing impairment to set their own volume on Avg. Cost: $149 or $19.95/month after 2-month trial. Features: Automated cleaning systems, from vacuums to floor Features: Helps family members and close television sets without friends be confident tuming them up for others. scrubbers and RARE, their older loved ones are safe and well. How to Use It: beyond, which can be set on a schedule, and easily recharged. How to Use It: Requires recharging in power dock. How to Use It: Helps With: Transmitter is hooked Helps With: Sensors are placed in common activity areas or objects in the home, learning patterns and alerts contacts when Helps With: up directly to audio jack in television and sends sound Used By: Used By: Used By: wirelessly to headset worn by user. something registers unexpectedly. SENIORS SENIORS SENIORS Aetrex Navistar GPS Safe-T-Element cooking system Apple iPad Footwear System Avg. Cost: Starting from $240 Avg. Cost: $299 and up. Avg. Cost: $130. Features: Helps family members and Features: Features: Intuitive user interface and Temperature sensing plate system installs over stove burners and will automatically OPS a wide variety of useful apps for seniors. close friends be confident their older loved ones are safe and well. shut off stove if How to Use It: dangerous temperatures begin to be reached. Requires Apple ID to download apps How to Use It: Helps With: Helps With: Helps With: Caregiver sets boundaries and and use some How to Use It: Plates features. receive alerts when Used By: Used By: Used By: attach to stovetop and plug into stove relays to detect temperature. wearer leaves designated area. CAREGIVER SENIORS SENIORS safe-t-element $300-$699 BeClose MobileHelp Avg. Cost: 3 sensors for $399, 6 sensors for $499, additional sensors for $75 each, with additional monthly cost ranging from $69-$99 depending on chosen package. Features: Private webpage which tracks a person's daily routine through use of wireless Avg. Cost: Plans range from $443.40 for an annual plan to $41.95 for a monthly plan. Features: Dual-use uw emergency contact device; allows for the use of a "home E... ILi base" unit connected to a phone line, and a mobile, GPS connected emergency button which can provide I s. P.U tk Pas. Helps With: Helps With: sensors. information on someone's location even if they are unable to communicate. How to Use It: Easy setup requires plugging in the base station to a power source. How to Use It: Wireless Used By: sensors installed in discreet Used By: locations throughout home, linked by a "base station." Detects lack of activity and sends alerts to caregivers and SENIORS SENIORS to BeClose call center which can contact help if needed. Angela Grandcare System Avg. Cost: $499.99, subscription services from $19.95-99.95. Avg. Cost: $699 plus $49.99 monthly subscription. Features: Uses wireless Thud 8:30. 78° Features: A senior-friendly Android tablet which sensors connected to the internet. Tracks the activity of seniors, and allows easy communication between easily links to Facebook, e-mail, Skype and other apps. Future developments may lead to a monitoring system for caregivers, similar to BeClose or Grandcare. Helps With: Helps With: seniors and caregivers. Allows senior users to do things like get weather reports, play games, and watch film clips. How to Use It: Operated through a touchscreen designed for easy connection to WiFi or Used By: Used By: How to Use It: Links to SENIORS CAREGIVER SENIORS CAREGIVER televisions. ethernet connections. $700+ Telikin telyHD pro ReSound Linx Avg. Cost: $2400-$3500, depending on level of hearing loss, costs may be reduced by insurance. Features: Programmable hearing aid that can be set to allow or disallow Avg. Cost: $1,179 for 22 inch model, $699 for 18 inch. Avg. Cost: Prices starting from $250 for base to $1250 for premium edition. Features: Allows for Features: Senior-friendly computer system with software for high definition (HD) Skype video calls on any HD capable television. various levels of ambient noise in different places or at different times of day. communication Helps With: Helps With: Helps With: pre-installed. How to Use It: How to Use It: Software is How to Use It: Links to Requires ethernet connection and HD Used By: Used By: Used By: preinstalled on computer, power and internet connection smartphone/tablet app to help adjust hearing aid settings via Bluetooth wireless technology. television connection. SENIORS SENIORS required. SENIORS hearing-aids/ReSound% 20LİNX Presented by: Home Access Products Home Access Connect with seniors, family, and caregivers to stay safe, in touch, and happy in your home. Sources: hone-hearing-aid

Top Home Tech For Seniors & Caregivers

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outlines the best tech at different price points for seniors to make their lives easier.


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